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 The Sharenet Daily  
Wednesday, 21 April 2021 - 20:00
World Markets (Spot Prices)
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JSE Trading Statistics
Major Moves
Index Summary
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*JSE Gold discontinued by the JSE

The Corion Report March 2021

The Corion Report February 2021

EU countries ready to start using J&J shot as deliveries resume

Not Impossible, just unlikely: Wall Street’s plant-based love wilts

Bayer says Mexican judge rules in its favor over glyphosate ban

-Price hikes on the horizon for P&G as material costs rise (April 20)

Top antitrust U.S. senator to examine Apple’s AirTag announcement

Deutsche Boerse reports better-than-expected Q1 net profit

World Markets (Spot Prices)
NameTimeRPMove% Move
J203: All Share17:0667145.75310.230.46%
JSE Top 4017:0661399.26282.490.46%
JSE Resource 1017:0669253.64667.410.97%
JSE Industrial 2517:0186734.78282.940.33%
JSE Financial 1517:0012125.82-36.31-0.30%
JSE SAPI17:00300.813.651.23%
JSE Gold19/03Discontinued by the JSE
JSE Metals & Mining17:0665801.342026.503.18%
USD / ZAR19:5914.23710.02890.20%
GBP / ZAR19:5919.8368-0.0462-0.23%
EUR / ZAR19:5917.12490.01110.06%
NZD / ZAR19:5910.26530.04820.47%
AUD / ZAR19:5911.04180.00630.06%
USD / JPY19:59108.11250.01450.01%
EUR / USD19:591.2029-0.0017-0.14%
GBP / USD19:591.3933-0.0061-0.43%
Gold $19:591792.1117.590.99%
Gold R19:5925514.63302.181.20%
NameTimeRPMove% Move
Gold R/Kg19:5982029597151.20%
Brent Crude19:3965.31-1.06-1.60%
Silver $19:5926.48450.67252.61%
Platinum $19:591217.10-4.95-0.41%
Palladium $19:572885.78144.755.28%
DJ Futures19:3833950.00247.000.73%
DJ Ind19:4434064.27242.970.72%
SP 50019:444161.3026.360.64%
FTSE 10018:576895.2935.420.52%
ASX All10:247258.90-23.20-0.32%

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The JSE Today

Trading Statistics

* Includes all listed instruments on the JSE

Major Moves Up
SharenameSaleMove% MoveVolume
1 ARCMITTAL  4264110.65.%4684040
2 ALTRON  1092676.54.%248434
3 KAAPAGRI  40402406.32.%94217
4 TRADEH  800455.96.%302997
5 IMPLATS  2940814025.01.%3119770
6 GEMFIELDS  16074.58.%633820
7 LEWIS  29551204.23.%34527
8 NORTHAM  275989483.56.%1466636
9 TELKOM  40411353.46.%622540
10 DRDGOLD  1551513.40.%893208
11 FINBOND  15553.33.%27355
12 METAIR  2324743.29.%30384
13 THL  22073.29.%318460
14 GFIELDS  145084593.27.%1601643
15 ZEDER  319103.24.%5057060
16 GRINDROD  480153.23.%846617
17 EPEE  385123.22.%56830
18 CASHBIL  312209653.19.%8341
19 PAN-AF  364113.12.%2475248
20 PURPLE  13443.08.%2326574

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Major Moves Down
SharenameSaleMove% MoveVolume
1 WORKFORCE  115-25-17.86.%31874
2 ONELOGIX  251-25-9.06.%32188
3 LUXE  120-9-6.98.%2950
4 YORK  212-13-5.78.%10038
5 SABCAP  4800-290-5.70.%13190
6 ARGENT  910-50-5.21.%1550
7 CLIENTELE  915-49-5.08.%47665
8 RCL  888-47-5.03.%67943
9 MCZ  135-7-4.93.%48500
10 EUROPA  230-11-4.56.%54963
11 PPC  315-13-3.96.%9600261
12 CAPITEC-P  10200-400-3.77.%8420
13 TRENCOR  404-15-3.58.%211978
14 DATATEC  2704-100-3.57.%149604
15 MASTDRILL  870-30-3.33.%21310
16 TEXTAINER  37253-1247-3.24.%41081
17 RAUBEX  2769-91-3.18.%77760
18 WESCOAL  110-3-2.65.%50689
19 CAT  777-19-2.39.%71466
20 CALGRO  205-5-2.38.%28715

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New Highs
SharenameSaleHighMove% MoveVolume
1 PURPLE  13413643.08.%2326574
2 HUDACO  10600109491201.15.%147606
3 ADAPTIT  65965940.61.%362776
4 DISTELLG  1242012449750.61.%272766
5 MOMMET  1870199880.43.%1682094
6 TRANSCAP  31803300120.38.%784441
7 INVLTD  47914870140.29.%1233442
8 SPURCORP  21012350-50-2.32.%18337

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New Lows
SharenameSaleLowMove% MoveVolume

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Index Summary
Index NameRPMove% Move
Top 4061,399.26282.490.46%
Mid Cap71,125.16402.820.57%
Small Cap55,103.39359.310.66%
Resource 2069,253.64667.410.97%
Industrial 2586,734.78282.940.33%
Financial 1512,125.82-36.31-0.30%
J203: All Share67,145.75310.230.46%
FTSE/JSE Energy20,923.92-259.51-1.23%
Gold MiningDiscontinued by the JSE
FTSE/JSE Basic Materials49,909.64463.490.94%
FTSE/JSE Chemicals12,646.27410.783.36%
FTSE/JSE Industrials35,172.20268.220.77%
FTSE/JSE Consumer Staples67,030.82542.020.82%
FTSE/JSE Health Care4,071.8510.010.25%
FTSE/JSE Beverages177.624.222.43%
FTSE/JSE Food Producers6,287.71-9.66-0.15%
FTSE/JSE Personal Goods1,479.1724.491.68%
FTSE/JSE Travel & Leisure1,829.48-4.71-0.26%
FTSE/JSE Media825.99.000.00%
FTSE/JSE Real Estate1,052.6712.621.21%
FTSE/JSE SA Financials31,
FTSE/JSE Financials30,921.96-131.77-0.42%
FTSE/JSE Banks6,867.10-41.64-0.60%
Index NameRPMove% Move
FTSE/JSE Life Insurance30,256.84-100.48-0.33%
FTSE/JSE Technology44,898.96-344.45-0.76%
SHARIAH TOP40 4,050.69320.80%
FTSE/JSE SHARIAH ALL4,579.22340.74%
FTSE JSE Fledgling 6,805.97-20-0.29%
LARGE CAP68,994.502970.43%
FTSE/JSE TOP 40 USD4,634.45113732.52%
FTSE/JSE Alt X 1,136.45110.95%
FTSE/JSE AFRICA ALTX 15700.0181.18%
SA LISTED PROPERTY 300.813.651.23%
RESOURCE 39,776.673540.90%
DIVIDEND PLUS267.7520.87%
FTSE/JSE RAFI 4011,663.24690.60%
FTSE/JSE RAFI ALLSHARE 10,844.22650.60%
Capped Top 4030,778.202110.69%
Capped All Share33,010.961970.60%
CAPPED INDUSTRIAL 25 81,683.029.13%
All Share Style Value 373.6800.00%
All Share Style Growth 901.3600.00%
JSE ALL PROPERTY 7,674.2481.841.08%
ALL SHARE NET TRI67,145.753100.46%
JSE SWIX ALSI NET TRI13,549.72630.47%
FTSE/JSE Retailers5,720.47190.34%
FTSE/JSE Tobacco6,985.231622.37%

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Latest Consensus Changes**
Company NameStatusUpdated
Upcoming AGMs**
Company NameDateStatus

Recent Dividends**
Share NameDec-DateLDTPay-DateAmount
EXXARO18/0326/0403/05R 5.4300
EXXARO18/0326/0403/05R 12.43
AFRO-C09/0311/0517/05R 0.1700
VIVO03/0325/0525/06R 0.5667
BATS18/0221/1209/02R 11.17
Ex Div**
Share NameDec-DateLDTPay-DateAmount
EXXARO18/0326/0403/05R 5.4300
EXXARO18/0326/0403/05R 12.43

Stock Exchange News Service
21/04/202117:50JSE LIMITED - Dealings in securities by a director and prescribed officers
21/04/202117:34REBOSIS PROPERTY FUND LIMITED - Dealings in securities by an associate
21/04/202117:30RMB HOLDINGS LIMITED - Update on Special Dividend
21/04/202117:05JASCO ELECTRONICS HOLDINGS LIMITED - Results of general meeting
21/04/202117:01LIBERTY TWO DEGREES LIMITED - Availability Of The Integrated Annual Report
21/04/202117:00NORTHAM PLATINUM LIMITED - Listing of tap issue NHM012
21/04/202117:00NORTHAM PLATINUM LIMITED - Interest payment notification NHM009
21/04/202117:00NU-WORLD HOLDINGS LIMITED - Nu-World interim results
21/04/202117:00NORTHAM PLATINUM LIMITED - Partial capital redemption NHM014
21/04/202116:46ADAPT IT HOLDINGS LIMITED - Urgent Shareholder Notification about the Huge Offer
21/04/202116:37STANDARD BANK GROUP LIMITED - Dealings in securities
21/04/202116:00NEDBANK GROUP LIMITED - Dealings in securities
21/04/202116:00QUILTER PLC - Notification of transactions by Directors and Persons Discharging ...
21/04/202115:59Investec Property Fund Limited - Listing Of New Financial Instrument - Ipfg01
21/04/202115:33EXXARO RESOURCES LIMITED - Exxaro - Share dealings
21/04/202114:23HAMMERSON PLC - Hammerson disposes of retail parks portfolio
21/04/202114:00SYGNIA ITRIX (RF) PROPRIETARY LIMITED - Index Constituent Change - SYGWD
21/04/202114:00SYGNIA ITRIX (RF) PROPRIETARY LIMITED - Index Constituent Change - SYGUS
21/04/202114:00SYGNIA ITRIX (RF) PROPRIETARY LIMITED - Index Constituent Change - SYGESG
21/04/202114:00SYGNIA ITRIX (RF) PROPRIETARY LIMITED - Index Constituent Change - SYG500
21/04/202113:00ANGLO AMERICAN PLC - TR-1: Standard form for notification of major holdings
21/04/202112:14KAROOOOO LIMITED - JSE Listing
21/04/202111:31BNP PARIBAS ISSUANCE B.V. - ZA110-Redemption of Index-Linked notes
21/04/202111:30ROYAL BAFOKENG PLATINUM LIMITED - Quarterly Review and Production Report for the...
21/04/202111:10INGUZA INVESTMENTS (RF) LIMITED - ING375 - Interest Payment Notification
21/04/202111:00NINETY ONE PLC - TR-1: Standard form for notification of major holdings
21/04/202110:30HAMMERSON PLC - TR-1: Standard form for notification of major holdings
21/04/202110:16BELL EQUIPMENT LIMITED - Renewal of Cautionary Announcement
21/04/202110:10THE STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA LIMITED - Delisting of Financial Instrument An...
21/04/202110:00DISCOVERY LIMITED - Dealings in securities by a director of a major subsidiary
21/04/202109:45REBOSIS PROPERTY FUND LIMITED - Extension of debt facilities
21/04/202109:45KAAP AGRI LIMITED - Trading Statement
21/04/202109:30VIVO ENERGY PLC - Notice of First Quarter Trading Update
21/04/202109:00TELKOM SA SOC LIMITED - Interest payment notifications - TL27 TL28 TL29
21/04/202108:36ADVTECH LIMITED - Dealings in securities by a prescribed officer of the company
21/04/202108:30SOUTH32 LIMITED - Daily share buy-back notice
21/04/202108:30TUHF LIMITED - TUHF Limited - Interest Payment Notification
21/04/202108:30RENERGEN LIMITED - Production of the First Cryo-Vacc Commence for DPD Laser
21/04/202108:00QUILTER PLC - Transactions in own shares
21/04/202108:00SYGNIA ITRIX (RF) PROPRIETARY LIMITED - Additional Listing Of Syg500 Securities ...
21/04/202108:00SATRIX COLLECTIVE INVESTMENT SCHEME - Listing Of Additional Satrixchn Securities...
21/04/202108:00SATRIX COLLECTIVE INVESTMENT SCHEME - Listing Of Additional Satrixemg Securities...
21/04/202108:00PICK N PAY STORES LIMITED - Summarised Group Financial Results for the 52 weeks ...
21/04/202108:00ABSA BANK LIMITED - NEWUSD - Listing of additional NewWave USD Exchange Traded N...
21/04/202108:00SATRIX COLLECTIVE INVESTMENT SCHEME - Listing Of Additional Satrix SA Bond Portf...
21/04/202108:00QUILTER PLC - First Quarter 2021 Trading Statement
21/04/202107:25PREMIUM PROPERTIES LIMITED - Notice of availability of interim results of guaran...
21/04/202107:18OCTODEC INVESTMENTS LIMITED - Interim results of the group for the six months en...
21/04/202107:05BHP GROUP PLC - Operational Review for the nine months ended 31 March 2021

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