The only research house that provides JSE market breadth information to the public.

Sharenet is proud to present Sharenet Analytics, the JSE Investments Research House that delivers their findings in an easy and simple manner to make trading child's play. Invest in shares based on tried and tested, successful mechanical stock picking strategies which have been optimised for trading on the JSE. It couldn't be made any simpler - Sharenet Analytics does the hard analytical work and you simply trade on the findings.

Sharenet Analytics also provides long, medium & short-term mechanical market timing to enable clients to significantly reduce their risks and boost performance. Using mechanised strategies to build and time your own portfolios, the private investor can achieve substantial risk-adjusted returns in excess of the ALSH index & most funds.

Sharenet Analytics' unique offering

The only research house on the globe that provides JSE market breadth information to the public, Sharenet Analytics' clients use JSE-tailored systems and world-class analysis to out- perform professional fund managers and they do it without ever having to undertake any of the research themselves.
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Success Is In The Proof

Our systems provide excellent entry points to traders and investors as illustrated by graph 1 and 2 below (click on the box number to pull up the corresponding graph) and the 3rd graph tracks 2 Sharenet Analytics' portfolio performances versus the performance of the ALSH over the last 5 years.

Sharenet Analytics boasts short-term traders like SWINGTRADER and TROUGH-TRADER which have gain/loss ratios of the order of 10:1 with an astonishing 85% win ratio and only trades roughly once per month!

These systems and many others are back tested and optimised for the South African market. Nowhere else will you be able to replicate or find a system as reliable and unique to the JSE.

A long-term "buy-on-the-dip" JSE trough detection system that marks the beginning of new intermediate bull markets lasting from 3-12 months.

It is very accurate but has only given 16 signals since 1997, roughly one signal per 9 months on average. Investors use it to load up their portfolios and traders use it to close shorts and open longs.
If you are not totally satisfied within 7 days, we will offer you a 100% refund.
"Just wanted to say how I am LOVING your service. Absolutely fantastic. I'm a baby trader, but I can see that what you offer is WAY above what anyone else does in SA. I am enormously impressed. I keep telling everyone how amazing Sharenet Analytics is." - Lesley P
"I am chuffed that I have 6 of the 9 consistent dividend and earnings growers and I bought them all in troughs. They are up between 5% - 40% in a 12 month period. JSW works for me." - Kim
"As a full time business professional, I do not have the time to really get into the details and discipline required - Your service has filled the void - Well done." - Mr Murray
"The amount of QUALITY investment and trading data received from Sharenet Analytics is absolutely fantastic. Ultra is going from strength to strength and surely going to become the benchmark for short term trading in the industry. I just want to express my appreciation to the Sharenet Analytics team for a job well done." - James v A
"This is BRILLIANT! After reading the How To on the new sub-sector breadth reports I was filled with joy. You oaks always seem to pull a rabbit
out of the hat
" - Morne
"This is the most professional and best service (and system) I have invested in. Your knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm has been refreshing, educational and beneficial." - Mike
Attend a Sharenet Analytics presentation in a city near you and learn to trade successfully in under 15 minutes per day.

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Sharenet Analytics BROCHURE
Sharenet Analytics CRASH
Sharenet Analytics JSW
Get action-orientated alerts based on highly robust research and analysis.
Automate your money and risk management, receive stops and exposure values.
Catch trends as they emerge and benefit from superior market timing.
Gain access to training and learn to trade like a pro.
Confidently grow your portfolio and out-perform fund managers year after year.
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