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Tuesday, 03 November 2015 - 20:00
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Seed Weekly - Greatest Investment Minds - William J. O'Neil

William O’Neil, entrepreneur, writer and growth-stock investor, was born in 1933 in Oklahoma, USA. He received his first college degree, majoring in business administration in 1951. After military service he started his career as a stockbroker in 1958.

In 1960, he was accepted into Harvard Business School's first Program for Management Development (PMD). His research there lead him to invent the CAN SLIM strategy where O’Neil looked at all of the biggest-winning stocks of the prior decade to see if they shared common characteristics. He discovered that there were seven key traits in each big winner, and he assigned each a letter, which comprised the trademark term CANSLIM which later made him the top-performing broker in his firm.

A young stockbroker at the time, he proceeded to take this valuable information and began applying it to his account and those of his clients. Starting out with very little cash and some borrowed money and use of margin, O’Neil had three big, back-to-back winners in his account beginning in late 1962. By autumn of 1963, his profits had skyrocketed. In 1963 at 30 years old, he became the youngest person at that time to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange for his own brokerage firm, the William O'Neil & Co. Inc.

O'Neil uses a mixture of quantitative and qualitative strategies in a performance-driven investing approach. His strategy seeks out only those growth stocks that have the greatest potential for strong price rises from the moment they are purchased. This can be summarised as "buy the strong, sell the weak."

His criteria for identifying a company to comply with his investment guidelines are summarised in his well-known acronym CANSLIM:

C - Current quarterly earnings per share have increased sharply from the same quarter’s earnings reported in the prior year (at least 25%). "What seems too high and risky to the majority generally goes higher and what seems low and cheap generally goes lower."

A - Annual earnings increases at a compound rate of no less than 25% (P/E is unimportant – probably in the range of 20 to 45 with these stocks) annually over the last five years.

N - New products, new management, and new highs. Companies that have a good "story." "Since the market tends to go in the opposite direction of what the majority of people think, I would say 95% of all these people you hear on TV shows are giving you their personal opinion. And personal opinions are almost always worthless … facts and markets are far more reliable."

S - Supply and demand. The less stock available, the more buying will drive up the price.

L - Leaders and laggards. Stick with those stocks that outperform and shed those that under-perform.

I - Institutional ownership. Favour companies that are "under owned" by the top professional investors.

M - Market direction. Buy stocks on major downturns, but avoid purchases after a decline of 10% or more gets underway. "The whole secret to winning and losing in the stock market is to lose the least amount possible when you're not right."

William O’Neill has written a few books over his lifespan and if you are at all interested in the strategy of growth investing they are highly recommended. How to Make Money in Stocks (1988); 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success (1999) and the Successful Investor (2003).

Keep well,

Lourens Rabé

Sources: Investopedia.com, Marketwatch.com, Wikipedia

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Tue, 03 Nov 2015
Top News
Local markets On Tuesday, gold miners rose 0.69% and resources climbed 1.61%, leading gains on the JSE. The All Share ended 0.40% higher.  Full story

South Africa's rand weakened more than one percent on Tuesday to a one month low of 13.9256 against the dollar, reversing modest gains of the previous session as subdued risk appetite globally drove emerging markets lower in the run-up to the release of U.S. employment due on Friday.  Full story
Russia does not see keeping Bashar al-Assad in power as a matter of principle, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said on Tuesday in comments that suggested a divergence of opinion with Iran, the Syrian president's other main international backer.  Full story
Prime Minister David Cameron believes Britain should do more to tackle Islamist militants in Syria and has not dropped plans to seek parliamentary approval for air strikes there, his spokeswoman said on Tuesday.  Full story
Portugal's opposition Socialists said on Tuesday they were still trying a reach an agreement with two other left-wing parties for a majority-backed government, which they have pledged to have in place before trying to oust the new cabinet next week.  Full story
Asian stocks rose on Tuesday helped by buoyant U.S. markets and recent data that indicated the global economy may have turned a corner, though wary central banks signalled a recovery may be anything but durable.. . .  Full story
Shares in major markets were little changed on Friday, on track to close their best month in four years, boosted in part by accommodative monetary policies in the euro zone and Japan.. . .  Full story
SA Business
Global pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, has partnered with South Africa's Biovac Institute to produce a potentially life-saving pneumonia vaccine for infants, a cabinet minister said on Tuesday.. . .  Full story
South Africa's rand hardly moved against the greenback in early quiet trade on Tuesday as investors awaited for clear leads and data releases for direction, while stocks opened a touch higher.. . .  Full story
Company News
Shareholders are advised that the Company`s 2015 Integrated Annual Report, containing the annual financial statements for the year ended 30 June. . .  Full story
Shareholders are advised that, at the annual general meeting of Putprop held, all the resolutions as set out in the notice. . .  Full story
Imperial advise its shareholders that all the ordinary and special resolutions proposed in the Notice of the AGM dated 24 August. . .  Full story
Holders of securities in Trencor are advised that Textainer Group Holdings Ltd in which Trencor has a 47,8% (30 September 2014:. . .  Full story

The board of directors of Putprop (˘the Board÷) hereby notifies shareholders that with immediate effect: *Mr Mark William Gemmill has resigned as. . .  Full story
Kumba has received notice from the Department of Mineral Resources (˘DMR÷) that the Director General of the DMR has consented to. . .  Full story
Imperial advise noteholders of the IssuerĂs ZAR10,000,000,000.00 Domestic Medium Term Note Programme (the ˘DMTN÷) dated 22 September 2010 that the Annual. . .  Full story
Shareholders are advised that the companyĂs Integrated Report for the year ended 30 June 2015 has been finalised and that this. . .  Full story
Company Results
Revenue for the interim period grew to R147.7 million (R118.8 million). Gross profit was higher at R27.1 million (22.4 million). Operating loss narrowed to R1.9 million (R8.5 million). Loss attributable to. . .  Full story
This is Pivotal's maiden interim results August 2015 therefore there are no comparatives. Revenue came in at R413.6 million. Operating profit was recorded at R329.7 million. Total comprehensive income was R301.9. . .  Full story
Revenue was 11.38% higher at USD17.3 million (2014: USD15.5 million). EBITDA came in at 31.9% higher USD2.4 million (2014: USD1.8 million), while the profit attributable to equity holders of the parent. . .  Full story
World Markets (Spot Prices)
NameTimeRPMove% Move
JSE Overall17:0054076.07215.810.40%
JSE Top 4017:0048548.21198.690.41%
JSE Gold17:001046.767.220.69%
JSE Financial17:0045634.25-147.00-0.32%
JSE Industrial17:0081146.42366.560.45%
JSE Indust 2517:0073077.51317.420.44%
JSE Resource17:0033618.28531.971.61%
DJ Futures19:4217827.0092.000.52%
DJ Ind19:5817905.4676.700.43%
SP 50019:582107.713.660.17%
FTSE 10018:046368.176.370.10%
All Ords07:355291.2069.901.34%
NZSE 5007:286021.9738.130.64%
NameTimeRPMove% Move
Gold $19:591116.76-16.60-1.46%
Gold R19:5915380.44-237.19-1.52%
Gold R/kg19:58494458-14399-2.83%
Silver $19:5915.2450-.1670-1.08%
Platinum $19:59961.41-14.23-1.46%
Palladium $19:59643.33-3.51-0.54%
Brent Crude19:0249.89.330.67%
USD / ZAR19:5913.7708-0.0092-0.07%
GBP / ZAR19:5521.1993-0.0249-0.12%
EUR/ ZAR19:5515.0924-0.0895-0.59%
NZD/ ZAR19:599.2206-0.0737-0.79%
AUD / ZAR19:559.90400.05370.55%
USD / JPY19:59121.05000.29800.25%
EUR / USD19:591.0959-0.0054-0.49%
GBP / USD19:591.54170.00020.01%

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The JSE Today

Trading Statistics
* Includes all listed instruments on the JSE
Major Moves Up
SharenameSaleMove% MoveVolume
1 SANTOVA  373236.57.%142648
2 LONMIN  546316.02.%2566981
3 CHOPPIES  536305.93.%619477
4 CSG  15885.33.%72757
5 CONDUIT  340175.26.%155460
6 MTN  155547374.97.%17033253
7 ARM   56102604.86.%356655
8 HARMONY  1035444.44.%2087560
9 ILLOVO  1840774.37.%578630
10 CITYLDG  156306034.01.%102330
11 GROUP-5  2238793.66.%401015
12 KUMBAIO  60002103.63.%1217460
13 EXXARO  59792073.59.%311828
14 ADAPTIT  1160403.57.%418591
15 MIXTEL  310103.33.%10334
16 ANGLOPLAT  245007673.23.%455706
17 NORTHAM  3115963.18.%203429
18 GFIELDS  37701103.01.%2018902
19 OCEANA  104873022.97.%272587
20 ASPEN  317009122.96.%1427252

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Major Moves Down
SharenameSaleMove% MoveVolume
1 MASONITE  2453-747-23.34.%865
2 TREMATON  340-40-10.53.%24050
3 KIBO  115-9-7.26.%10632
4 DENEB  210-14-6.25.%15434
5 INTEWASTE  111-6-5.13.%345000
6 NUWORLD  3100-150-4.62.%750
7 TELKOM  6790-324-4.55.%1108682
8 PETMIN  131-6-4.38.%124170
9 SOVFOOD  758-32-4.05.%3250
10 ARCMITTAL  770-30-3.75.%473776
11 WESCOAL  118-4-3.28.%359251
12 STANBANK  14098-464-3.19.%4217224
13 HOSP-B  310-10-3.12.%1400
14 TRENCOR  5100-156-2.97.%222415
15 EOH  14783-445-2.92.%299318
16 PALLINGHT  501-14-2.72.%29548
17 HOWDEN  2670-70-2.55.%36659
18 IMPERIAL  17500-430-2.40.%1053498
19 HULAMIN  675-16-2.32.%42047
20 AEEI  380-9-2.31.%6000

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New Highs
SharenameSaleHighMove% MoveVolume
1 ADAPTIT  11601160403.57.%418591
2 CURRO  42504290852.04.%98213
3 ADVTECH  13001388251.96.%279016
4 TRADEH  24202424451.89.%21126
5 TRUSTCO  52054081.56.%203233
6 CAPITEC  60569615007651.28.%165396
7 WBHO  13480135141300.97.%188524
8 REINET  32063250280.88.%2521520
9 OLDMUTUAL  45624567300.66.%4415146
10 KAP  74976040.54.%3106301
11 SABMILLER  85350857493880.46.%1195296
12 RICHEMONT  1191211944390.33.%4282177
13 INVLTD  1157612000290.25.%257785
14 INTUPROP  7331754090.12.%516605
15 MONDILTDP  3214032695-59-0.18.%210932
16 SAPPI  54855555-15-0.27.%1795035
17 DISCOVERY  1522015450-75-0.49.%1103947
18 NASPERSN  204299209500-2101-1.02.%1016185
19 BRAIT  1598816459-260-1.60.%734852

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New Lows
SharenameSaleLowMove% MoveVolume
1 TRENCOR  51004856-156-2.97.%222415
2 TRNSHEX  225165-4-1.75.%30287
3 NIVEUS  24252425-5-0.21.%32080
4 Trellidor  598565-1-0.17.%60707
5 CHOPPIES  536500305.93.%619477

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Index Summary
Index NameRPMove% Move
Top 4048,548.21198.690.41%
Mid Cap69,081.39170.840.25%
Small Cap59,568.44450.020.76%
Resource 2033,618.28531.971.61%
Industrial 2573,077.51317.420.44%
Financial 1516,990.33-93.16-0.55%
Financial & Ind. 3077,180.38211.270.27%
All Share54,076.07215.810.40%
Oil & Gas 9,650.69-84.65-0.87%
Mining 20,018.71321.231.63%
Gold Mining1,046.767.220.69%
Platinum Mining18.76.512.79%
GENERAL MINING5,941.4696.531.65%
Oil & Gas Producers 51,889.95-455.18-0.87%
Basic Materials 20,848.74323.451.58%
Chemicals 23,327.20638.582.81%
Forestry & Paper 52,846.19-226.63-0.43%
Industrial Metals 4,270.3225.420.60%
Industrials 45,919.4291.690.20%
General Industrials 169.16.640.38%
Consumer Goods 80,121.38252.770.32%
Automobiles & Parts 6,992.65-27.17-0.39%
Household Goods584.71-1-0.12%
Health Care 9,820.31110.851.14%
Beverages 290.641.340.46%
Index NameRPMove% Move
Food Producers 9,227.5010.800.12%
Personal Goods 1,189.733.900.33%
Consumer Services 17,572.44-93.18-0.53%
General Retailers 8,346.8230.980.37%
Travel & Leisure 6,014.2792.491.56%
Media 445.16-4.56-1.01%
Support Services 2,831.7524.040.86%
Telecommunications 8,212.18281.933.56%
Financials 45,634.25-147.00-0.32%
Banks 7,446.59-116.98-1.55%
Non-life Insurance 56,889.00-280.75-0.49%
Life Insurance 42,854.11181.400.43%
General Financial 4,973.33-17.25-0.35%
Technology 57,497.42-1029.97-1.76%
SHARIAH TOP40 3,232.10591.85%
FTSE/JSE SHARIAH ALL3,460.91531.57%
COAL MINING7,558.512623.59%
FTSE JSE Fledgling 6,670.22-16-0.25%
FTSE/JSE Alt X 1,527.1820.12%
RESOURCE 18,181.032911.63%
DIVIDEND PLUS204.3910.40%
FTSE/JSE RAFI 409,382.42690.74%
Capped Top 4025,770.401160.45%
Capped All Share27,425.301100.40%
JSE TABACO 10,455.93300.28%

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Latest Consensus Changes**
CodeCompany NameStatusUpdated
Results Expected**
ExpectedCompany NameFin. Date
04/11/2015AEEIAugust 2015 (Final)
04/11/2015IMBALIEAugust 2015 (Interim)
04/11/2015LODESTONESeptember 2015 (Interim)
04/11/2015OCTODECAugust 2015 (Final)
04/11/2015SACOILAugust 2015 (Interim)

Recent Dividends**
Share NameDec-DateLDTPay-DateAmount
IVT PREF30/10/1513/11/1523/11/15ZAR 3.7146
RIPLC28/10/1513/11/1504/12/15GBP 0.0165
REBOSIS28/10/1513/11/1523/11/15ZAR 0.1442
ASCEN A27/10/1513/11/1523/11/15ZAR 0.0733
ASCEN B27/10/1513/11/1523/11/15ZAR 0.0456
Ex Div**
Share NameDec-DateLDTPay-DateAmount
PSG12/10/1530/10/1509/11/15ZAR 1.0000
EQUITES15/10/1530/10/1509/11/15ZAR 0.1639
DCENTRIX13/10/1530/10/1509/11/15ZAR 0.0923
MAS14/10/1530/10/1511/11/15EUR 0.0220

Upcoming AGMs**
CodeCompany NameDateStatus
GRFGroup Five Ltd.03/11/2015Confirmed
PPRPutprop Ltd.03/11/2015Confirmed
IPLImperial Holdings Ltd.03/11/2015Confirmed
IPLPImperial Holdings Ltd.03/11/2015Confirmed
IPLPPImperial Holdings Ltd.03/11/2015Confirmed

Stock Exchange News Service
03/11/201517:40MTN GROUP LIMITED - MTN statement on Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) fin...
03/11/201517:39MTN ZAKHELE (RF) LIMITED - Listing of MTN Zakhele (RF) Limited on the JSE Exchan...
03/11/201517:30FAIRVEST PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED - Results of annual general meeting
03/11/201517:25AFRICAN RAINBOW MINERALS LIMITED - No change statement and notice of annual gene...
03/11/201517:24PUTPROP LIMITED - Results of annual general meeeting
03/11/201517:15IMPERIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED - Dealings in Securities
03/11/201517:12HARMONY GOLD MINING COMPANY LIMITED - Grant of matching restricted shares
03/11/201516:45GREENHOUSE FUNDING (RF) LIMITED - Investor report
03/11/201516:40REBOSIS PROPERTY FUND LIMITED - Correction Announcement
03/11/201516:25IMPERIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED - Results of Annual General Meeting
03/11/201516:18TRENCOR LIMITED - Third quarter update
03/11/201515:33GOLD FIELDS LIMITED - To Release Q3 2015 Results on 19 November 2015
03/11/201515:30IMPERIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED - Announcement Regarding the Sale of Imperial Ordinary...
03/11/201515:30EMIRA PROPERTY FUND LIMITED - EPFC12 - Full Capital Redemption
03/11/201515:30PUTPROP LIMITED - Change to the board of directors - Resignation of directors
03/11/201515:15BRIKOR LIMITED - Changes to the Board of Directors
03/11/201515:14PPC LIMITED - PPC003-Interest Rate Reset
03/11/201515:00KUMBA IRON ORE LIMITED - Update on residual 21.4% mining right for Sishen mine
03/11/201514:50OLD MUTUAL PLC - Form 8.3 - Public Opening Position Disclosure
03/11/201514:47ATTACQ LIMITED - No change statement and posting of annual general meeting
03/11/201514:45OLD MUTUAL PLC - Form 8.3 - Public Opening Position Disclosure
03/11/201514:20GROUP FIVE LIMITED - Results of annual general meeting
03/11/201514:15CAPITAL & COUNTIES PROPERTIES PLC - Notification of Trading Update
03/11/201513:48IMPERIAL GROUP LIMITED - Release of Annual Financial Statements
03/11/201513:00FAMOUS BRANDS LIMITED - Dealings in Securities by Directors
03/11/201512:52WORKFORCE HOLDINGS LIMITED - Change to the board of directors resignation of CE...
03/11/201512:45IMPALA PLATINUM HOLDINGS LIMITED - Dealing in securities by a director
03/11/201512:30ASPEN PHARMACARE HOLDINGS LIMITED - No Change Statement and Notice of Annual Gen...
03/11/201512:24AFRICA ETF ISSUER (RF) LIMITED - Redemption of AfricaPlatinum debentures - ETFPL...
03/11/201512:23AFRICA ETF ISSUER (RF) LIMITED - Redemption of AfricaPalladium debentures -ETFPL...
03/11/201512:22TRANSPACO LIMITED - No Change Statement and Notice of Annual General Meeting
03/11/201512:15DISTELL GROUP LIMITED - Changes to the board
03/11/201512:12STELLAR CAPITAL PARTNERS LIMITED - Rights issue finalisation announcement
03/11/201512:05TISO BLACKSTAR GROUP SE - Transaction in own shares
03/11/201511:00ASCENSION PROPERTIES LIMITED - Further cautionary announcement
03/11/201510:44THE SPAR GROUP LIMITED - Change in board of directors
03/11/201510:25SOUTH32 LIMITED - Notification Of Major Interest In Shares
03/11/201510:20MONTAUK HOLDINGS LIMITED - Unaudited condensed consolidated interim results for ...
03/11/201510:15DELTA PROPERTY FUND LIMITED - Changes to the board of directors
03/11/201510:15INTERNATIONAL HOTEL GROUP LIMITED - Acquisition Of Loans Secured Against Three T...
03/11/201510:14DELTA PROPERTY FUND LIMITED - CANCELLATION OF S364259 Changes to the board of di...
03/11/201510:00SABMILLER PLC - Rule 2.10 announcement
03/11/201509:40ALLIED ELECTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITED - Posting of Circular and Notice of Gener...
03/11/201509:31IMPERIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED - CEO's 2015 Annual General Meeting Statement
03/11/201509:30IMPERIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED - Voluntary Announcement: Disposal of the Groups Inter...
03/11/201509:14DELTA PROPERTY FUND LIMITED - Changes to the board of directors
03/11/201509:00DIAMONDCORP PLC - Lace Diamond Mine Project Update
03/11/201509:00NEW GOLD ISSUER LIMITED - NGPLD - Partial De-Listing of NewGold Palladium Debent...
03/11/201509:00SIRIUS REAL ESTATE LIMITED - Acquisition Update and Notice of Results
03/11/201509:00MONDI PLC - Capital Markets Day
03/11/201508:53MTN GROUP LIMITED - Renewal of Digital Mobile License and 900MHz and 1800MHz ope...
03/11/201508:30TELKOM SA SOC LIMITED - Trading Statement
03/11/201508:25ADVTECH LIMITED - Rights Offer Declaration Announcement and Revised Timetable
03/11/201508:05PPC LIMITED - Disclosure of Beneficial Interests in Securities
03/11/201508:00TASTE HOLDINGS LIMITED - Dealings in securities by directors pursuant to the Tas...
03/11/201508:00NEDBANK GROUP LIMITED - Basel III Pillar 3 Disclosure as at 30 September 2015
03/11/201507:05TRADEHOLD LIMITED - Trading Statement

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