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Thursday, 10 December 2015 - 20:00
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Top News
South African assets suffered on Thursday in the wake of President Jacob Zuma's shock sacking of the finance minister, pushing the rand to an all-time low, bonds to their weakest since recession times and stocks lower.  Full story

South African President Jacob Zuma's sacking of his respected finance minister in favour of a relative unknown has shocked investors and emboldened critics who say the 73-year-old is driving the economy to ruin.  Full story
Catholics should not try to convert Jews and should work with them to fight anti-Semitism, the Vatican said on Thursday in a major document drawing the Church further away from the strained relations of the past.  Full story
The Swiss city of Geneva raised its alert level on Thursday and said it was looking for suspects who, according to national officials, had possible links to terrorism.  Full story
In her last speech as Argentine president, Cristina Fernandez on Wednesday entreated the thousands of supporters gathered to bid her farewell in the centre of Buenos Aires to ensure that her legacy is not destroyed.  Full story
SA Business
South Africa's new Finance Minister David van Rooyen said on Thursday he was facing a "colossal assignment" at a time when. . .  Full story
Weaker commodity prices and electricity supply shortages are the biggest risks to South Africa's 2016 economic performance, according to a Reuters. . .  Full story
Ratings agency Fitch said on Thursday the surprise departure of South African Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene raised "more negative than positive. . .  Full story
South Africa's mining ministry on Thursday asked Anglo American to explain the impact of its restructuring plans on jobs and how. . .  Full story

Climate negotiators in Paris have turned to a traditional South African consultation process in a quest for common ground among the nearly 200. . .  Full story
Debt-laden telecoms group Cell C Ltd plans to raise 6.5 billion rand ($428 million) to help reduce its borrowings through the. . .  Full story
Investors dumped South African sovereign dollar bonds on Thursday, reacting to the sudden sacking of respected Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene in. . .  Full story
South Africa's consumer confidence slipped close to its lowest in 14 years in the fourth quarter, dragged down by a growing. . .  Full story

South African President Jacob Zuma removed Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene from his position on Wednesday, sending the country's currency to a record low.. . .  Full story
Company News
RBPlat regrets the death of Mr Tieli Francis Seoehle at our Styldrift I Project on the night of 8 December 2015. Mr. . .  Full story
Shareholders are referred to the announcement released on SENS on 19 October 2015 (and using the terms defined therein unless otherwise. . .  Full story
Blue Label has submitted a conditional binding offer ("Offer") to the board of directors of Cell C (Pty) Ltd. ("Cell C"). . .  Full story
The following document has been approved by the UK Listing Authority and is available for viewing: Base Prospectus Supplement dated 9. . .  Full story

Shareholders are advised that Rachelle Grobbelaar has resigned as Chief Financial Officer (˘CFO÷) and executive director of Ansys with effect from 31 December 2015. Burt Lambrecht, the Financial Director of Parsec Holdings (Pty) Ltd., a division of Ansys, will be the Acting. . .  Full story
Shareholders are advised that the Annual Integrated Report for the year ended 31 July 2015, together with the Notice of Annual General Meeting incorporated therein (˘2015 Annual Integrated Report÷), was distributed to shareholders today, 10 December 2015, and contains no modifications. . .  Full story
Company Results
Revenue for the year increased to USD246.8 million (2014: USD240.7 million). Gross profit rose to USD43.1 million (2014: USD32.6 million), profit for the year attributable to owners of the company turned around to USD4.6 million (2014: loss of USD49 million), while headline earnings per share came in at USD2cps (2014: loss of USD20cps). Dividends No dividends were declared in respect for the financial year ended 30 September 2015 (30 September 2014: no dividends). Outlook The ge. . .  Full story
World Markets (Spot Prices)
NameTimeRPMove% Move
JSE Overall17:1048984.53-539.03-1.09%
JSE Top 4017:1044250.70-294.79-0.66%
JSE Gold17:001055.8894.399.82%
JSE Financial17:0038557.78-3381.89-8.06%
JSE Industrial17:1077324.54547.250.71%
JSE Indust 2517:1070116.58740.691.07%
JSE Resource17:0025183.40788.073.23%
DJ Futures19:4217534.0078.000.45%
DJ Ind19:5817571.2078.900.45%
SP 50019:582054.576.950.34%
FTSE 10017:166088.95-37.73-0.62%
All Ords07:385087.50-42.40-0.83%
NZSE 5007:086040.56-12.99-0.21%
NameTimeRPMove% Move
Gold $19:591072.06.030.00%
Gold R19:5716364.5316364.530.00%
Gold R/kg19:58525778101851.98%
Silver $19:5914.1170-0.0390-0.28%
Platinum $19:59852.04-.40-0.05%
Palladium $19:59541.20-7.36-1.34%
Brent Crude19:4839.67-3.33-7.74%
USD / ZAR19:5915.26220.36552.45%
GBP / ZAR19:5523.14890.53032.34%
EUR/ ZAR19:5516.72140.29311.78%
NZD/ ZAR19:5710.320510.32050.00%
AUD / ZAR19:5511.14910.37433.47%
USD / JPY19:59121.4510-0.1550-0.13%
EUR / USD19:591.0947-0.0071-0.64%
GBP / USD19:591.5168-0.0014-0.09%

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The JSE Today

Trading Statistics
* Includes all listed instruments on the JSE
Major Moves Up
SharenameSaleMove% MoveVolume
1 HARMONY  137123320.47.%5974610
2 GLENCORE  206922512.20.%6823245
3 ANGGOLD  10800117012.15.%4462173
4 PAN-AF  166159.93.%1816359
5 GFIELDS  40993479.25.%4422642
6 DRDGOLD  228188.57.%1260095
7 SASOL  3999931338.50.%4999255
8 SAPPI  63234858.31.%4753260
9 TRENCOR  42202706.84.%535340
10 ASSORE  62503906.66.%41068
11 CAPCO  100005255.54.%4659039
12 IMPLATS  27251415.46.%6356221
13 SEREIT  22751155.32.%65884
14 NET1UEPS  2264211425.31.%29
15 NVEST  306155.15.%7886
16 ARM   41002005.13.%902656
17 IAPF  1200564.90.%367949
18 SIRIUS  870374.44.%1026168
19 ATLEAF  24501004.26.%5000
20 SABMILLER  9281337254.18.%2357099

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Major Moves Down
SharenameSaleMove% MoveVolume
1 HOWDEN  2301-449-16.33.%4329
2 SYGNIA  1220-234-16.09.%168255
3 CENRAND  105-20-16.00.%16797
4 FIRSTRAND  3879-676-14.84.%89445251
5 B-AFRICA  13179-2240-14.53.%8643826
6 DISCOVERY  11616-1934-14.27.%5249943
7 BALWIN  730-119-14.02.%528184
8 STANBANK  10580-1657-13.54.%15720506
9 EMIRA  1482-225-13.18.%3142273
10 ADVHLTH  207-30-12.66.%325239
11 RMBH  5201-741-12.47.%4989894
12 PSG  20953-2974-12.43.%1012010
13 EQSTRA  170-23-11.92.%1605992
14 TRUWTHS  8343-1107-11.71.%4816948
15 QUANTUMF  249-33-11.70.%406614
16 HYPROP  10000-1250-11.11.%2650923
17 TFG  11232-1402-11.10.%1493152
18 CAPITEC  51000-6200-10.84.%784307
19 SANLAM  5130-612-10.66.%26307790
20 NEDCOR  17937-2115-10.55.%2853059

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New Highs
SharenameSaleHighMove% MoveVolume
1 CAPCO  10000100955255.54.%4659039
2 SEREIT  227522751155.32.%65884
3 ATLEAF  245024501004.26.%5000
4 SABMILLER  928139357337254.18.%2357099
5 NEPI  16995170254953.00.%1326919
6 M-FITEC  10601060302.91.%520
7 STENPROP  25102550652.66.%94888
8 BATS  850518575320902.52.%2480715
9 OCEANA  11982123502522.15.%94999
10 LABAT  1351400.1283429

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New Lows
SharenameSaleLowMove% MoveVolume
1 HOWDEN  23012301-449-16.33.%4329
2 SYGNIA  12201201-234-16.09.%168255
3 FIRSTRAND  38793871-676-14.84.%89445251
4 B-AFRICA  1317913170-2240-14.53.%8643826
5 BALWIN  730711-119-14.02.%528184
6 STANBANK  1058010520-1657-13.54.%15720506
7 EMIRA  14821471-225-13.18.%3142273
8 RMBH  52015188-741-12.47.%4989894
9 EQSTRA  170168-23-11.92.%1605992
10 QUANTUMF  249240-33-11.70.%406614
11 TFG  1123211192-1402-11.10.%1493152
12 SANLAM  51305027-612-10.66.%26307790
13 NEDCOR  1793717276-2115-10.55.%2853059
14 GROWPNT  21502058-239-10.00.%20326783
15 SANTAM  1825018000-2025-9.99.%115068
16 ONELOGIX  342321-37-9.76.%314963
17 ARROW-A  808804-87-9.72.%399311
18 REDEFINE  915847-98-9.67.%43773847
19 FORTRESSA  14501443-155-9.66.%5659554
20 ATT  18001778-190-9.55.%2695529

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Index Summary
Index NameRPMove% Move
Top 4044,250.70-294.79-0.66%
Mid Cap60,624.13-2297.20-3.65%
Small Cap51,383.07-1413.17-2.68%
Resource 2025,183.40788.073.23%
Industrial 2570,116.58740.691.07%
Financial 1514,241.65-1358.60-8.71%
Financial & Ind. 3072,351.87-563.04-0.77%
All Share48,984.53-539.03-1.09%
Oil & Gas 8,634.82169.312.00%
Mining 15,041.83494.683.40%
Gold Mining1,055.8894.399.82%
Platinum Mining12.97.473.76%
GENERAL MINING4,262.1588.182.11%
Oil & Gas Producers 46,427.85910.352.00%
Basic Materials 16,853.51675.424.17%
Chemicals 20,269.541431.917.60%
Forestry & Paper 51,237.181258.852.52%
Industrial Metals 2,849.06-51.25-1.77%
Industrials 39,297.32-1976.39-4.79%
General Industrials 145.38-8.80-5.71%
Consumer Goods 80,377.442154.842.75%
Automobiles & Parts 5,378.09-74.73-1.37%
Household Goods540.31-5-0.84%
Health Care 8,688.79-327.87-3.64%
Beverages 315.1912.274.05%
Index NameRPMove% Move
Food Producers 7,986.85-380.41-4.55%
Personal Goods 1,110.6240.353.77%
Consumer Services 16,795.68-123.23-0.73%
General Retailers 7,154.24-721.72-9.16%
Travel & Leisure 5,439.22-151.62-2.71%
Media 444.7210.122.33%
Support Services 2,518.1536.251.46%
Telecommunications 7,197.51-179.77-2.44%
Financials 38,557.78-3381.89-8.06%
Banks 5,669.93-886.12-13.52%
Non-life Insurance 46,578.03-5168.25-9.99%
Life Insurance 36,087.24-3608.74-9.09%
General Financial 4,417.35-251.61-5.39%
Technology 53,443.88-2495.67-4.46%
SHARIAH TOP40 2,684.73240.92%
FTSE/JSE SHARIAH ALL2,893.8270.25%
COAL MINING5,395.50-27-0.49%
FTSE JSE Fledgling 6,026.78-162-2.63%
FTSE/JSE Alt X 1,539.6630.20%
CAPPED PROPERTY 541.47-4.06%
RESOURCE 13,662.614493.40%
DIVIDEND PLUS169.23-9-4.99%
FTSE/JSE RAFI 408,156.25-81-0.98%
Capped Top 4023,345.48-200-0.85%
Capped All Share24,840.10-274-1.09%
JSE TABACO 10,868.022672.52%

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Latest Consensus Changes**
CodeCompany NameStatusUpdated
Results Expected**
ExpectedCompany NameFin. Date
11/12/2015STOR-AGESeptember 2015 (Interim)
15/12/2015CULINAN5.5September 2015 (Final)
15/12/2015CULINANPRSeptember 2015 (Final)
15/12/2015CULLINANSeptember 2015 (Final)
15/12/2015CULPREF3September 2015 (Final)

Recent Dividends**
Share NameDec-DateLDTPay-DateAmount
INDEQTY08/12/1508/01/1618/01/16ZAR 0.2100
LIBHOLD1107/12/1523/12/1504/01/16ZAR 0.0550
NAMPAK 6.504/12/1515/01/1625/01/16ZAR 0.0650
NAMPAK 6%P04/12/1515/01/1625/01/16ZAR 0.0600
PRESCIENT30/11/1529/01/1608/02/16ZAR 0.0285
Ex Div**
Share NameDec-DateLDTPay-DateAmount
MRPRICE13/11/1504/12/1514/12/15ZAR 2.4800
HOLDSPORT09/10/1504/12/1514/12/15ZAR 1.2000
ECSP C20/11/1504/12/1514/12/15ZAR 1.0356
ECSP C220/11/1504/12/1514/12/15ZAR 1.0356
LIFEHC13/11/1504/12/1514/12/15ZAR 0.8600

Upcoming AGMs**
CodeCompany NameDateStatus
MSTMustek Ltd.11/12/2015Confirmed

Stock Exchange News Service
10/12/201517:25VODACOM GROUP LIMITED - Neotel Voluntary Update Announcement
10/12/201517:15OLD MUTUAL PLC - Form 8.3 - Public Opening Position Disclosure
10/12/201517:09RBA HOLDINGS LIMITED - Changes to the board of directors
10/12/201517:00EOH HOLDINGS LIMITED - Dealings in securities by directors
10/12/201517:00KAP INDUSTRIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED - Dealing In Shares By Associate Of Director
10/12/201516:45OLD MUTUAL PLC - Form 8.3 - Public Opening Position Disclosure
10/12/201516:35M-FITEC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED - Appointment to the Board
10/12/201516:34BSI STEEL LIMITED - Dealings in securities
10/12/201516:30ROYAL BAFOKENG PLATINUM LIMITED - Fatal accident at RBPlats Styldrift I Project
10/12/201516:00TRANSSEC (RF) LIMITED - Quarterly Investor Report
10/12/201515:51INDWA INVESTMENTS LIMITED - INA552-Full Capital Redemption
10/12/201515:43ADAPT IT HOLDINGS LIMITED - Fulfilment of Conditions Precedent to the Acquisitio...
10/12/201515:40ADVTECH LIMITED - Director's Dealings
10/12/201515:37ADVTECH LIMITED - ADH - Further Announcement Regarding Directors' and Executives...
10/12/201515:00NET 1 UEPS TECHNOLOGIES INC - WorldRemit in partnership with Zazoo for instant m...
10/12/201515:00INDLUPLACE PROPERTIES LIMITED - Changes to the board of directors
10/12/201515:00ILIAD AFRICA LIMITED - Disclosure of Acquisition of Securities
10/12/201514:50SAPPI LIMITED - Dealings In Securities By Directors Of Listed Companies
10/12/201514:32BLUE LABEL TELECOMS LIMITED - Cautionary Announcement
10/12/201514:32DELTA AFRICA PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED - Approval For Further Issue And Listing ...
10/12/201514:30MMI HOLDINGS LIMITED - Purchase of Shares by Directors
10/12/201514:20OLD MUTUAL PLC - Form 8.3 - Public Opening Position Disclosure
10/12/201514:15OLD MUTUAL PLC - Form 8.3 - Public Opening Position Disclosure
10/12/201514:04FIRSTRAND BANK LIMITED - Amendment to The Credit Ratings of Firstrand Bank Limit...
10/12/201514:00INVESTEC LIMITED - Publication of Base Prospectus Supplement
10/12/201513:45BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO PLC - Proposed dates in respect of the Preliminary Anno...
10/12/201513:39FIRSTRAND BANK LIMITED - FRBI23-Listing of Tap Issue
10/12/201513:35UMGENI WATER - Annual Report - 30 June 2015 - UG21
10/12/201513:30ANSYS LIMITED - Change To The Board Of Directors
10/12/201513:29REBOSIS PROPERTY FUND LIMITED - Submission of a resolution to Rebosis shareholde...
10/12/201513:20INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION - International Finance Corporation- New Listi...
10/12/201513:16GROUP FIVE LIMITED - Dealing in securities by directors, company secretary and d...
10/12/201512:48EOH HOLDINGS LIMITED - No Change Statement and Notice of Annual General Meeting
10/12/201512:30MONDI PLC - Employee Share Plans Transactions In Mondi Plc Ordinary Shares Of 0....
10/12/201512:01HULAMIN LIMITED - Purchase of shares by Hulamin Long Term Incentive Plan and Sha...
10/12/201512:00SCHRODER EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE INV TRUST PLC - Further placing of shares
10/12/201511:22PLATFIELDS LIMITED - Voluntary Quarterly Update on the Suspension of the Company
10/12/201511:15LABAT AFRICA LIMITED - Cautionary Announcement
10/12/201510:50PETMIN LIMITED - Director's dealing in securities
10/12/201510:45WILSON BAYLY HOLMES-OVCON LIMITED - Granting of rights to participate in the 201...
10/12/201510:45FAIRVEST PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED - Update on Mainstream Acquisition
10/12/201510:20BRIMSTONE INVESTMENT CORPORATION LD - General repurchase of ordinary shares
10/12/201510:00SACOVEN PLC - Replacement of secretary and administrator
10/12/201510:00SABMILLER PLC - Rule 2.10 announcement
10/12/201509:47HARMONY GOLD MINING COMPANY LIMITED - Fatality at Harmonys Target mine
10/12/201509:33INVESTEC PROPERTY FUND LIMITED - Directors Dealings in Securities
10/12/201509:00PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC - TR-1: Notification of major interest in shares
10/12/201509:00NEWFUNDS COLLECTIVE INVEST SCHEME - NFEMOM - Additional Listing of NewFunds Mome...
10/12/201508:00GLENCORE PLC - GLN - Glencore plc Investor Update
10/12/201507:30TEXTON PROPERTY FUND LIMITED - Further acquisition of a property in the UK and e...
10/12/201507:18SUN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED - Acquistion By Sun International Of The Peermont Grou...
10/12/201507:14OLD MUTUAL PLC - Form 8.3 Disclosure
10/12/201507:12OLD MUTUAL PLC - Form 8.3 Disclosure
10/12/201507:11OLD MUTUAL PLC - Form 8.3 Disclosure
10/12/201507:10OLD MUTUAL PLC - Form 8.3 Disclosure
10/12/201507:05CITY LODGE HOTELS LIMITED - Appointment to the board
10/12/201507:05CAPITEC BANK LIMITED - Standard And Poors Update On Capitec Banks Credit Ratings...

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