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Monday, 28 November 2011 - 20:00
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Compound Interest

Some employers now give staff the option of reducing their retirement fund contributions. I think that the main purpose of the “choice” is to help staff out with their monthly cash flow. I was recently asked by a young client who had to make such a choice what I thought of the idea. He was of the opinion that he had plenty of time and he needed the cash flow now.

My thoughts were taken back (yes many years ago) to an example we did at university which graphically illustrates the power of compound interest and thus why we should all start investing sooner rather than later.

We have 3 students A, B, and C. All 3 are 20 years old and want to retire at the age of 60.

A starts saving R100pm at the age of 20, he stops saving at the age of 30 but leaves his capital in the investment.

B starts a bit later at the age of 30 and he invests R100pm until the age of 60.

C only starts at the age of 40, but to make up he invests R500pm until the age of 60.

For those of you who are weaker at arithmetic, A has invested R12 000, B has invested R36 000, and C has invested R120 000.

If we assume investment growth of 10% pa (compounded monthly) who do you think has the most capital at the age of 60?

The chart below shows the growth of savings of the three individuals and makes for interesting reading:

The total balance of the three investors at age 60 will be:
A will have R409 745
B will have R227 932
C will have R382 848

The simple fact is that because of the incredible power of compound interest, B and C simply could not catch up. From a retirement point of view, the answer is definitely “Save Now, Live Later”. While this is a very simple illustration it shows a very powerful force at play. Naturally in the real world there will be inflation and returns aren’t smooth, but this concept holds true under most scenarios.

For those investors who haven’t started saving from a young age the message is that another day shouldn’t be wasted before you begin saving – each day is important for compounding your assets. For those investors who were disciplined enough to start early the message is that you should do everything in your power to avoid having to prematurely draw down on your savings – leave that preservation fund to grow until retirement.

Kind regards,

Barry Hugo
021 9144 966

Mon, 28 Nov 2011
Top News
South Africa's rand gained as much as 2.3 percent against the dollar on Monday in what traders said was a temporary correction after last week's battering to 30-month lows.  Full story

South African stocks booked their biggest daily gain in a month on Monday, tracking global equity markets on hopes that euro zone leaders would come up with new measures to resolve the region's debt crisis.  Full story
Egyptians voted on Monday in the first election since a popular revolt toppled Hosni Mubarak's one-man rule, showing new-found faith in the ballot box that may sweep long-banned Islamists into parliament even as army generals cling to power.  Full story
Pakistan's Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani ruled out "business as usual" with the United States on Monday after a NATO attack killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, and the army threatened to curtail cooperation with Washington on Afghanistan drastically.  Full story
A suicide bomber attacked a military base in the Iraqi town of Taji on Monday, killing at least 19 people, in the latest assault by insurgents trying to undermine the government.  Full story
Gold rose 2 percent on Monday to above $1,700 an ounce, on track for its biggest one-day gain in three weeks, swept higher. . .  Full story
World stocks jumped while the euro rose from a seven-week low on Monday as optimism grew that European leaders would come up with. . .  Full story
U.S. stocks surged about 3 percent on Monday on hopes that fresh proposals may emerge out of Europe to help solve the region's. . .  Full story
European shares notched up their biggest one-day gain in a month on Monday, led by banks and insurers on hopes euro zone leaders. . .  Full story

U.S. stocks jumped about 3 percent on Monday on hopes that fresh proposals may emerge out of Europe to help solve the region's. . .  Full story
European shares extended gains Monday, led by banks, on optimism euro zone leaders will unveil fresh solutions to help resolve the region's debt. . .  Full story
U.S. stocks extended their gains on Monday, with the S&P and Nasdaq rising 3 percent on hopes that fresh proposals may emerge out. . .  Full story
U.S. stocks opened sharply higher on Monday on hopes that fresh proposals could be emerging out of Europe to help solve the region's. . .  Full story
SA Business
South Africa's ruling African National Congress has returned a long-awaited report with policy recommendations on the issue of mine nationalisation for. . .  Full story
South Africa's rand gained more than 2.3 percent against the dollar on Monday, the best performance in a basket of 20. . .  Full story
South Africa has no need for additional policy changes to deal with the impact of the euro zone debt crisis on. . .  Full story
South Africa's rand firmed against the dollar on Monday as news that the International Monetary Fund was preparing a rescue package. . .  Full story

Europe's banks stepped up efforts to raise funds and offload business in far-flung places on Monday as Bank of Ireland sold a parcel. . .  Full story
France's Credit Agricole is closing its 60-year-old South African investment banking unit, the latest sign that European banks are pulling out. . .  Full story
South Africa's central bank may need to ease interest rates further if demand growth continues to disappoint, and fiscal consolidation should. . .  Full story
The escape route from risky peripheral euro zone debt into higher-yielding emerging markets is becoming increasingly tortuous, as the debt crisis marries the performance. . .  Full story

South African Pioneer Food Group reported a jump in full-year earnings on Monday helped by increased sales and said cost pressures and consumer spending will influence its performance ahead.. . .  Full story
Company News
Shareholders were advised that at the annual general meeting of shareholders of OneLogix held on Monday, 28 November 2011 (in terms. . .  Full story
Shareholders were referred to the cautionary announcement published on SENS on 17 October 2011 and in the press on 18 October. . .  Full story
At the third (3rd) annual general meeting of the shareholders of Optimum Coal Holdings Ltd held on Friday, 25 November 2011,. . .  Full story
Shareholders are advised that at the General Meeting held today, 28 November 2011, all ordinary and special resolutions, as specified in. . .  Full story

Detailed cautionary announcement. . .  Full story
WSL WSL. . .  Full story
Shareholders are advised that on 25 November 2011, Wescoal made an offer to acquire from HSTI 17 Proprietary Limited ("HSTI"), 51%. . .  Full story
Shareholders were advised that, at the annual general meeting of AdaptIT held on Friday, 25 November 2011, all the resolutions as. . .  Full story
Company Results
Net attributable profit soared by 186% to R2.7 million (loss of R3.2 million). Headline earnings per share grew to 6.47c (loss. . .  Full story
Revenue for the year ended 30 September 2011 rose to R16.9 billion (R15.7 billion) and gross profit increased marginally to R5. . .  Full story
Revenue from continuing operations increased to R1 billion (R784.3 million), and gross profit rose to R246.4 million (R242 million). Operating profit. . .  Full story
Financial and operational review. . .  Full story
World Markets (Spot Prices)
NameTimeRPMove% Move
JSE Overall17:0031829.34705.382.27%
JSE Top 4017:0028472.34701.432.53%
JSE Gold17:003049.32-12.89-0.42%
JSE Financial17:0021445.39468.412.23%
JSE Industrial17:0033994.03751.712.26%
JSE Indust 2517:0028638.08720.572.58%
JSE Resource17:0052001.091180.102.32%
DJ Futures19:5011500.00313.002.80%
DJ Ind19:4111515.41283.632.53%
SP 50019:561191.1632.492.80%
FTSE 10018:355312.76148.112.87%
All Ords07:374125.8068.201.68%
NZSE 5006:463218.446.170.19%
NameTimeRPMove% Move
Gold/R kg19:5646164619640.43%
Brent Crude19:56108.612.302.16%
Rand / Dollar19:588.3894-0.0817-0.96%
Rand / Pound19:5512.9840-0.1135-0.87%
Rand / Euro19:5511.1704-0.1121-0.99%
Rand / NZD19:576.3335-0.0057-0.09%
Rand / AUD19:558.3055-0.0065-0.08%
Yen / Dollar19:5877.95000.47400.61%
Euro / Dollar19:550.7507-0.0003-0.04%
Dollar / Euro19:541.33140.00080.06%
Pound / Dollar19:550.6442-0.0009-0.14%

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The JSE Today
Trading Statistics

Major Moves Up
SharenameSaleMove% MoveVolume
1 CALGRO  3155521.15.%50500
2 LONFIN  2905020.83.%8848
3 S-OCEAN  13886.15.%1500
4 ASSORE  2150010895.34.%46378
5 SHOPRIT  130746245.01.%2897027
6 ROLFES  325154.84.%30266
7 ONELOGIX  13264.76.%76177
8 RMBH  25801054.24.%855068
9 PINNACLE  1040424.21.%128953
10 URONE  1900754.11.%14857
11 CLICKS  43071674.03.%1913280
12 MTN  141205403.98.%6784053
13 REMGRO  116954453.96.%1080687
14 ELLIES   21383.90.%616134
15 NORTHAM  32411213.88.%1796048
16 TIGBRANDS  239508903.86.%614548
17 VILLAGE  19073.83.%3120471
18 RICHEMONT  42961583.82.%10609334
19 NEDCOR  139765023.73.%317812
20 TFG  102003603.66.%1457870

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Major Moves Down
SharenameSaleMove% MoveVolume
1 DELRAND  320-125-28.09.%3487
2 MASONITE  3600-400-10.00.%2700
3 PLATMIN  160-15-8.57.%212933
4 CARGO  975-75-7.14.%7450
5 OANDO  126-8-5.97.%100
6 ANOORAQ  390-20-4.88.%4527
7 NICTUS  225-10-4.26.%22362
8 CML  2258-92-3.91.%360314
9 DAWN  500-20-3.85.%18225
10 MVELAGRP  326-12-3.55.%40214
11 SILVERB  140-5-3.45.%42246
12 SASFIN  2900-100-3.33.%1803
13 SABLE  1500-50-3.23.%12385
14 RAUBEX  1203-28-2.27.%16315
15 AFRIMAT  430-10-2.27.%35273
16 PERGRIN  1000-20-1.96.%1882353
17 DIGICOR  283-4-1.39.%37861
18 CLIENTELE  1110-15-1.33.%3454
19 GFIELDS  12900-157-1.20.%1024009
20 CADIZ  252-3-1.18.%11000

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New Highs
SharenameSaleHighMove% MoveVolume
1 SHOPRIT  13074130746245.01.%2897027
2 TIGBRANDS  23950239758903.86.%614548
3 LIFEHC  20552060673.37.%3744504
4 MMG  320325103.23.%3615

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New Lows
SharenameSaleLowMove% MoveVolume
1 RAUBEX  12031203-28-2.27.%16315

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Index Summary
Index NameRPMove% Move
Top 4028,472.34701.432.53%
Mid Cap42,670.53452.571.07%
Small Cap31,608.2646.150.15%
Resource 2052,001.091180.102.32%
Industrial 2528,638.08720.572.58%
Financial 158,043.75209.372.67%
Financial & Ind. 3031,452.64814.612.66%
All Share31,829.34705.382.27%
Oil & Gas 28,529.31869.143.14%
Mining 33,760.02709.102.15%
Gold Mining3,049.32-12.89-0.42%
Platinum Mining60.55.881.47%
GENERAL MINING8,198.16242.803.05%
Oil & Gas Producers 15,339.68467.323.14%
Basic Materials 28,471.76586.282.10%
Chemicals 13,140.8133.760.26%
Forestry & Paper 11,351.28232.222.09%
Industrial Metals 28,832.44490.221.73%
Industrials 27,643.86378.271.39%
General Industrials 77,482.611398.391.84%
Consumer Goods 29,382.78624.782.17%
Automobiles & Parts 3,894.8720.380.53%
Household Goods149.8564.01%
Health Care 34,814.48716.932.10%
Beverages 96.19.880.92%
Index NameRPMove% Move
Food Producers 52,991.681161.832.24%
Personal Goods 429.0715.783.82%
Consumer Services 56,865.101391.622.51%
General Retailers 47,599.07969.932.08%
Travel & Leisure 3,626.73-7.21-0.20%
Media 78.341.722.24%
Support Services 2,174.172.810.13%
Telecommunications 68,562.532102.803.16%
Financials 21,445.39468.412.23%
Banks 39,950.511202.003.10%
Non-life Insurance 33,560.74-24.25-0.07%
Life Insurance 16,203.36374.702.37%
General Financial 2,127.8233.601.60%
Technology 23,782.82268.751.14%
SHARIAH TOP40 3,076.45772.57%
FTSE/JSE SHARIAH ALL3,135.90732.40%
COAL MINING23,976.905702.43%
FTSE JSE Fledgling 4,590.5530.07%
FTSE/JSE Alt X 1,399.09402.98%
RESOURCE 28,804.766452.29%
DIVIDEND PLUS173.8221.13%
FTSE/JSE RAFI 406,550.161592.48%
Capped Top 4014,989.423632.48%
Capped All Share16,087.833532.25%

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Latest Consensus Changes**
CodeCompany NameStatusUpdated
Results Expected**
ExpectedCompany NameFin. Date
29 Nov 2011CHROMETCOAugust 2011 (Interim)
29 Nov 2011CROOKESSeptember 2011 (Interim)
29 Nov 2011NASPERSSeptember 2011 (Interim)
29 Nov 2011NASPERS-NSeptember 2011 (Interim)
30 Nov 2011ACTOWERSAugust 2011 (Interim)

Recent Dividends**
Share NameDec-DateLDTPay-DateAmount
ILLOVO11-11-2311-12-2912-01-09R 0.2300
TIGBRANDS11-11-2312-01-0612-01-16R 5.1000
NAMPAK11-11-2312-01-1312-01-23R 0.4350
NAMPAK11-11-2312-01-1312-01-23R 0.3050
OMNIA11-11-2212-01-1312-01-23R 1.0000
Ex Div**
Share NameDec-DateLDTPay-DateAmount
INVESTEC-P11-11-1711-11-2511-12-13R 3.3842
INVLTDPREF11-11-1711-11-2511-12-13R 3.1586
VODACOM11-11-0711-11-2511-12-05R 2.6000
SPAR11-11-0911-11-2511-12-05R 2.3500
INVPREFR11-11-1711-11-2511-12-13R 2.2019

Upcoming AGMs**
CodeCompany NameDateStatus
CSBCashbuild Ltd28/11/2011Confirmed
MFLMetrofile Holdings Ltd28/11/2011Confirmed
OLGOneLogix Group Ltd28/11/2011Confirmed
ELRPELB Group Ltd29/11/2011Confirmed
SALDSallies Ltd29/11/2011Confirmed

Stock Exchange News Service
28/11/201117:44 m Cubed Holdings Limited - Trading Statement
28/11/201117:42 Chrometco Ltd - Reviewed Interim Financial Results for the Six Months
28/11/201117:37 Exxaro Resources Limited - Trading of Exxaro ordinary shares on behalf of
28/11/201117:34 Onelogix Group Limited - Results of Annual General Meeting
28/11/201117:32 Winhold Limited - Statement of results
28/11/201117:30 Quantum Property Group Limited - Trading statement
28/11/201117:26OML - Old Mutual Plc - FORM 8.3
28/11/201117:25OML - Old Mutual Plc - FORM 8.3
28/11/201117:06- Metrofile Holdings Limited - Results of the Annual General Meeting and
28/11/201117:05 Metrofile Holdings Limited - Change in Company Secretary
28/11/201117:00 Cipla Medpro South Africa Limited - Dealing in securities by a director of
28/11/201116:45RTOP - Rex Trueform Clothing Company Limited - Declaration of dividend number
28/11/201116:44 Argent Industrial Limited - Dealing in securities by directors
28/11/201116:43 Nutritional Holdings Limited - Cautionary Announcement
28/11/201116:42AOVP - African & Overseas Enterprises Limited - Declaration of dividend numbers
28/11/201116:40 Omnia Holdings Limited - Dealing in securities by directors
28/11/201116:39 Verimark - Appointment of Financial Director
28/11/201116:33 BSI STEEL Limited - Changes to the board of directors
28/11/201116:26 WG Wearne Limited - Trading Update
28/11/201116:25 Alexander Forbes Equity Holdings Proprietary Limited - Unaudited
28/11/201116:24 Alexander Forbes Preference Share Investments Limited - Unaudited
28/11/201115:50 Orion Real Estate Limited - Director`s Dealings
28/11/201115:45 Capital Shopping Centres Group Plc - Notification of transactions of
28/11/201115:20 Vukile Property Fund Limited - Notice of an acquisition and a
28/11/201115:14 Platfields Limited - Unaudited Condensed Consolidated Interim Results for
28/11/201115:10SFN/SFNP - Sasfin Holdings - Quarterly report in terms of regulation 43 (1) (E)
28/11/201115:07 Rebosis Property Fund Limited - Update regarding transfer of Bloed Street
28/11/201115:00 Eqstra Holdings Limited - Renewal of cautionary announcement
28/11/201114:43 Optimum Coal Holdings Limited - Report on proceedings at Annual
28/11/201114:26BIPS40 - Bips Top 40 - Distribution announcement - salient dates
28/11/201114:25BIPINF - Bips Government Inflation Linked Bond Fund - Distribution
28/11/201114:05 Shoprite Holdings Limited - Dealing in securities by a director
28/11/201114:05 Labat Africa - Trading statement for the interim period 31 August 2011
28/11/201114:04 ConvergeNet Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries - Audited financial
28/11/201113:33CPL002 - Capital Property Fund - New Financial Instrument Listing
28/11/201113:241 - Capital Property Fund - New Financial Instrument Listing Announcement
28/11/201113:11 Howden Africa Holdings Limited - Results of General Meeting
28/11/201112:53 RGT Smart Market Intelligence Limited - Director`s Dealings
28/11/201112:31 Wescoal Holdings Limited - Announcement of offer by Wescoal to acquire
28/11/201112:18FRC11 - FirstRand Bank Limited - Interest rate reset announcement
28/11/201112:17IND148 - iNdwa Investments Limited - Full Capital Redemption
28/11/201112:06MTNC05 - Mobile Telephone Networks Holdings (PTY) Limited - New Financial
28/11/201111:54INL/INP - Investec - Form 8 (DD)
28/11/201111:53INL/INP - Investec Limited/Investec plc - Form 8 (DD)
28/11/201111:53 Brikor Limited - Renewal of cautionary announcement
28/11/201111:16IMPNIJ - Nedbank Limited - SENS announcement expiry of Share Instalments
28/11/201111:15NEDB - Nedbank Limited - SENS announcement expiry of Share Instalments
28/11/201111:13 Intertrading Limited - Trading statement
28/11/201111:00 Vodacom Group Limited - Allocation of forfeitable shares
28/11/201110:54 Adapt IT Holdings Limited - Results of Annual General Meeting
28/11/201110:50 Palabora Mining Company Limited - Further cautionary announcement
28/11/201110:50INL/INP - Investec Limited/Investec plc - Disclosure in accordance with
28/11/201110:00 Aquarius Platinum Limited - Notification of transfer to a Premium Listing
28/11/201109:00 Central Rand Gold Limited - Lodgement of court papers and Gold production
28/11/201109:00 Mpact Limited - Appointment of company secretary
28/11/201108:40 Firestone Energy Limited - Appendix 3Z Final Director`s Interest
28/11/201108:18ES18 - Eskom Holdings Soc Limited - TAP
28/11/201107:10 British American Tobacco p.l.c - Transaction in own shares
28/11/201107:09 Discovery Holdings Limited - Voluntary disclosure of dealings in
28/11/201107:08 Anooraq Resources Corporation - UG 2 operations resume at Bokoni
28/11/201107:07 Brikor Limited - Reviewed condensed consolidated financial results for
28/11/201107:07 BHP Billiton - Senior Executive changes
28/11/201107:07 Gold One International Limited - A$0.55 per share cash offer to Gold One
28/11/201107:05 Pioneer Food Group Limited - Audited preliminary condensed annual
28/11/201107:05 Goliath Gold Mining Limited - Reviewed condensed consolidated interim

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