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SILVER $ 18.25 -2.03%

GOLDZAR 25071.35 -0.22%

GOLDRKG 806043.95 -0.22%

PLAT 935.75 -3.10%

GOLD 1648.10 -0.64%

BRENT CRUDE 55.72 -1.03%

J203 54809.51 -0.13%

J211 70329.53 0.63%

J200 49303.27 0.04%

J210 46982.49 -0.27%

J212 14039.35 -1.08%

J253 383.06 -1.34%

J150 3352.08 -4.98%

PALLADIUM $ 2690.00 -0.75%

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