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$PLTR provides an integrated operating system to help organisations easily aggregate and manage their data. It allows people to make data-based decisions while providing insights/potential solutions to the decisions making process.

2021 in 3D…

Season greetings from the Sharenet team and myself. Well wishes to all in these challenging times and fingers crossed humanity…

Trade The World

If you, like many around the globe, have been forced to work from home due to regulations requiring a complete…

High volatility compresses time

Remember the volcanic eruption in New Zealand, the devastating bushfires in Australia, California and the Amazon? Yes, well this all…

The continuing rise of tech giants

This video, by Corion Capital, demonstrates the continued rise of technology relative to more traditional business models. Two of the…

The Corion Report December 2019

The monthly Corion Report is a user friendly snapshot of the South African Unit Trust industry and is a must…

With great power comes no electricity

Medupi and Kusile were touted to be the world’s third and fourth largest coal power plants by completion in 2013. Yet, in 2019 construction is incomplete; costs have tripled; and South Africa has faced its most severe load shedding to date.

US-China Seesaw Continue

Just before US markets closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on the 28th of November, Trump signed the Hong Kong pro-democracy…

The Corion Report November 2019

The monthly Corion Report is a user friendly snapshot of the South African Unit Trust industry and is a must…

Why Investors Underperform

Over the past couple of years, the prerogative of investors has been to focus squarely on fees and active asset…

Are index funds a stock market bubble?

Recent articles point to a potential bubble in index funds. Why is this being said and is it a rational fear? We unpack the theory and the man behind it.

Bitcoin For Beginners

A brief introduction to bitcoin, and why it should interest you.

Fixed Interest Review Q2 2017

Q2:2017 has been a positive quarter for fixed income investors, although the moves have been relatively small.

Global Equities Consolidate Gains: A Review of Q2:2017

During the second quarter, the impressive first quarter gains were largely built upon as global economic growth continued to show remarkable resilience, with improved corporate earnings and receding geo political risks.

Global Investment Review: Q2 2017

The world can do more to stimulate growth than rely on monetary policy alone, and it seems that everyone is ready and poised for some fiscal stimulus.

Balwin Boasts Solid Year-End Results

South Africans are looking for safe, well built and conveniently located residential units at an affordable price, and with a reported 30% rise in revenue, Balwin appear to be well positioned to meet this demand.

How Expensive Is SA?

It certainly feels as if prices for everything have skyrocketed, but SAs inflation rate is actually down to its lowest in six months. How do we compare to the rest of the world?