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Your Questions Answered

Q. Do all retirement annuity (RA) products have fees and penalties involved when I make changes to my contributions? A….

What Zimbabwe Needs Right Now

The millions of Zimbabweans living in South Africa are not busy packing their bags to return home.

10 Things You Did Not Know About US REITs

We’re back to the world’s largest REIT market again this week, focusing in on US numbers in this top 10 list of “things you didn’t know about U.S. REITs”.

Did You Know?

Institutional investors on their way to investing in Bitcoin CME Group, the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, is planning to offer…

Top 5 Views Posts in November

Our first two top posts for November explore share picking in an environment where the JSE is increasingly affected by the moves of a small number of large-cap shares.

Tax In Unit Trusts

Tax can be a difficult maze to navigate for unit trust investors.

Best Dividend Payers On The JSE

We find the most consistent dividend growers on the JSE on premise they generally outperform the market

Why Volatility Is Good

The first 10 months of 2017 have been relatively stable for the JSE, however, market volatility is set to increase.

European Real Estate Update

The historically low interest rate environment is expected to persist, supporting real estate assets…