SIM Growth Fund
MANAGEMENT Fund Manager's Comment
Patrice Rassou, BSc (Econ), MSc (Econ), MBA, CA (UK)
* Started investment career in 1999 * Is an experienced equity analyst having spent time analysing both financial and resources companies * Joined SIM in 2006 * Currently his responsibilities include managing equity pension funds and analysing banking stocks


The fund seeks maximum capital appreciation as its primary investment objective through predominantly investing in growth shares. This fund is suited for clients with a higher risk profile than those who normally invest in a general equity fund. Why Choose This Fund? * The fund is for investors seeking capital appreciation over the long term. It is therefore not recommended for investment terms of less than 5 years. * The fund aims to outperform the FTSE/JSE All Share index over the long-term. * The fund is mandated to invest up to 15% offshore. * The fund is actively managed and will take large positions in high conviction, thoroughly researched, quality companies. Additional Fund Information * The fund manager may borrow up to 10% of the market value of the portfolio to bridge insufficient liquidity. * Fluctuations or movements in exchange rates may cause the value of underlying international investments to go up or down. * The fund's name changed on 1 April 2004. Was previously called the Sanlam Prime Growth Trust. * This fund is also available via certain LISPs (Linked Investment Services Providers), who levy their own fees. * Sanlam Growth Fund has been awarded the Standard - Poor's Best in Sector over one-year period to 2006. * Total Expense Ratio (TER): This fund has a TER of 1.13 and 1.57% (R and A class respectively). For the period from 1 January 2007 to 31 March 2007 1.13 and 1.57% (R and A class respectively) of the average net asset value of the portfolio were incurred as charges, levies and fees related to the management of the portfolio. The ratio does not include the cost of acquiring assets. A higher TER does not necessarily imply a poor return, nor does a low TER imply a good return. The current TER can not be regarded as an indication of future TERs.

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Sector Rank: out of 0
(lump sum over years to 31 DEC 2010)
Overall Rank: out of 0
(lump sum over years to 31 DEC 2010)
R1000 invested on was worth R at
(% annual compound return)
R100 per month since 29 February 2008 was worth R 4231 at 28 February 2011
( 10.27% annual return compounded monthly)
Formation Date:23 JUL 1969 Holdings:63
Original Price:107.55 Pricing:Forward
Top Holdings on 31 DEC 2010
Share (Sector)No.Value% of Fund
ACIMIN (Mining)0144,645,845 20.24 %
ACIBEV (Beverages)039,180,416 5.48 %
ACIMED (Media)038,944,514 5.45 %
ACIBAN (Banks)075,452,339 10.56 %
FOREIGNDIRFEU (Foreign Invest)047,161,867 6.60 %
TOTALOTHEREQU (General Equity)017,210,187 2.41 %
ACIPHA (Pharmaceuticals - Biotechnology)06,430,646 0.90 %
ACISUP (Support Services)038,161,759 5.34 %
DOMLIQASSETS (Cash on call)010,032,274 1.40 %
ACIOGP (Oil - Gas Producers)048,383,627 6.77 %
ACISOF (Software - Computer Services)027,647,940 3.87 %
ACIMOB (Mobile Telecommunications)059,982,385 8.39 %
TOTAL R553,233,79977.41%

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