Momentum Enhanced Growth Plus Fund of Funds
MANAGEMENT Fund Manager's Comment
Sonja Saunderson

An actively managed, high risk fund that employs a strategic asset allocation with the primary objective to attain long term capital growth and to secure long-term real returns i.e. ahead of inflation. The fund may invest in local equities, bonds, cash and international assets. The fund forms part of the Momentum LifeCycle Philosophy (pre-retirement growth and wealth creation phase), but may also be selected as a stand-alone investment fund. The fund is typically the first fund that investors with a long term view will invest in as part of the LifeCycle Philosophy as a result of the exposure to local and international equities.

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SectorSouth African-Multi Asset-High Equity
Sector Rank: 126 out of 148
(lump sum over 3 years to 31 July 2019)
Overall Rank: 830 out of 1038
(lump sum over 3 years to 31 July 2019)
R1000 invested on 31 July 2016 was worth R 1056 at 31 July 2019
( 1.83% annual compound return)
R100 per month since 31 July 2016 was worth R 3696 at 31 July 2019
( 1.70% annual return compounded monthly)
Formation Date:01 JUL 2004 Holdings:7
Original Price:1000 Pricing:Forward
Top Holdings on 31 July 2019
Share (Sector)No.Value% of Fund
DERIVATIV (Derivatives)02,717,649 0.14 %
U-MSAFLFI (Income)76,624,27079,749,008 4.16 %
U-FAIRTRE (General Equity)52,013,594130,252,443 6.79 %
CASH (Cash on call)062,887,155 3.28 %
U-METINFL (Flexible)39,203,13062,625,039 3.26 %
U-MSARGPR (Property)262,597,720222,015,869 11.57 %
U-RMBINTE (International)96,913,476463,578,828 24.16 %
TOTAL R1,023,825,99153.36%

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