STANLIB Income Fund
MANAGEMENT Fund Manager's Comment
Henk Viljoen, B Com (Hons), M Com (Economics) (Cum Laude), Head of Fixed-Interest STANLIB Asset Management
Henk started his career in 1984 as a bursary student at the marketing division of Telkom, moving to the treasury division after one year. Henk became an economist at Senbank in 1986, before rejoining the treasury environment in 1989 at Senbank. Henk joined Liberty Asset Management in 1990 and assumed responsibility for STANLIB's cash and fixed-interest teams in 2000. Henk is regarded as one of the best fixed-interest managers in the country due to his consistent performance in respect of STANLIB's Bond and Income Funds.
Victor Mphaphuli, BCom (Hons)(Economics), GEDP, Co-head of Fixed Interest
Victor joined SCMB Treasury in 1996 as a trainee dealer in the foreign exchange markets and later moved to Nedcor Investment Bank as a capital markets dealer. In early 2001, he joined Libam's fixed interest team as a capital markets dealer and assistant to Henk Viljoen.

The STANLIB Income Fund's primary objective is a reasonable level of current income and maximum stability for capital invested. Securities normally to be included in the portfolio will consist of fixed income securities embracing non equity securities, stock, financially sound preference shares, debenture stock, debenture bonds and unsecured notes to be acquired at fair market prices. The weighted average maturity of this portfolio may not exceed 2 years. This portfolio may not have any direct and/or indirect foreign exposure.

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SectorSouth African-Interest Bearing-Short Term
Sector Rank: 12 out of 29
(lump sum over 3 years to 31 July 2019)
Overall Rank: 130 out of 1038
(lump sum over 3 years to 31 July 2019)
R1000 invested on 31 July 2016 was worth R 1278 at 31 July 2019
( 8.52% annual compound return)
R100 per month since 31 July 2016 was worth R 4095 at 31 July 2019
( 8.22% annual return compounded monthly)
Formation Date:01 APR 1987 Holdings:61
Original Price:100 Pricing:Forward
Top Holdings on 31 July 2019
Share (Sector)No.Value% of Fund
FUTURES M (Derivatives)01,253,662 0.00 %
U-SBKIMM (Money Market)3,046,510,7723,066,655,994 7.43 %
AIRNAM04 (Namibian Gilt)3,084,4903,192,744 0.01 %
BONDS (Bond)06,319,955,649 15.30 %
CASH (Cash on call)0173,378,124 0.42 %
MONEYMARK (Money Market)0807,227,068 1.95 %
TOTAL R10,371,663,24125.11%

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