STANLIB Capital Growth Fund
MANAGEMENT Fund Manager's Comment
Theo Botha, B Com (Hons), CFA
From 1989 to December 1998, Theo worked for UAL/NIB Asset Management and then joined Liberty Asset Management in January 1999 as a research sector head. His expertise covers the luxury goods, beverages, tobacco, food retail and food manufacturing subsectors.

The STANLIB Growth Fund's primary objective is to achieve medium to long-term capital growth. Investments will consist of: ordinary shares consisting of a range of blue chip and emerging blue chip shares, shares in medium sized companies and participatory interests in other similar collective investment schemes. The generation income shall be secondary to the primary objective of maximising capital growth. This portfolio may not have any direct and/or indirect foreign exposure.

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SectorSouth African-Equity-General
Sector Rank: 137 out of 137
(lump sum over 3 years to 31 July 2017)
Overall Rank: 1029 out of 1038
(lump sum over 3 years to 31 July 2019)
R1000 invested on 31 July 2014 was worth R 786 at 31 July 2017
( -7.71% annual compound return)
R100 per month since 31 July 2014 was worth R 3419 at 31 July 2017
( -3.37% annual return compounded monthly)
Formation Date:02 NOV 1995 Holdings:45
Original Price:100 Pricing:Forward
Top Holdings on 31 July 2019
Share (Sector)No.Value% of Fund
SASOL (Chemicals)65,49728,044,505 4.63 %
A-V-I (Food Producers)154,44217,075,108 2.82 %
SHOPRIT (Food - Drug Retailers)89,42319,779,473 3.26 %
REINET (Equity Investment Instruments)118,87432,571,476 5.37 %
U-SBKIMM (Money Market)1,2281,235 0.00 %
KAP (General Industrials)237,0301,884,389 0.31 %
CASH (Cash on call)019,704,703 3.25 %
U-SLIPROP (Property Unit Trusts)5,401,28722,377,405 3.69 %
NASPERS-N (Software - Computer Services)28,36897,897,968 16.16 %
MTN GROUP (Mobile Telecommunications)279,29938,152,243 6.30 %
TOTAL R277,488,50545.79%

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