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TAWANA RESOURCES NL - Quarterly Activities Report

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Quarterly Activities Report

Tawana Resources NL
(Incorporated in Australia)
(Registration number ACN 085 166 721)
Share code on the JSE Limited: TAW
ISIN: AU000000TAW7
Share code on the Australian Stock Exchange Limited: TAW
ISIN: AU000000TAW7
(“Tawana” or “the Company”)

                             Quarterly Activities Report
                           For the quarter to 31 March 2014



Mofe Creek Iron Ore Project

Scoping Study

- Scoping study to consider a potential low capital cost, early start-up operational scenario for 1-2Mtpa
  of final product as well as a potential longer-term 5-10Mtpa final product project. Study is well
  advanced with completion targeted for July 2014.

- Detailed metallurgical test-work on 3,000kg of full HQ diamond core on schedule with programme
  finalisation expected by the end of April. Heavy Liquid Separation (“HLS”) i.e. spirals equivalent, and
  sizing results have confirmed that a high-grade +62% Fe to 68% Fe ‘premium’ product with low
  impurities can be produced from 1.0mm crushed material.

- The metallurgical results support the potential for the design and development of a low capital
  intensity processing plant with simple gravity beneficiation equipment.

- A Baseline environmental and social mapping document for the Mofe Creek Project (“the Project”)
  has been completed along with the Pre-Feasibility Study (“PFS”) requirements for the Project’s
  Environmental and Social Impact Study (“ESIA”)

- Consultation with Liberian ministries, government agencies and other key stakeholders for early start
  up options progressing well.

- Discussions with potential strategic partners for mine or port gate sales for the early start-up option
have commenced.


- Maiden Mineral Resource estimate for the Mofe Creek Project of 61.9Mt at 33% Fe, includes an
  Indicated Mineral Resource of 16.2Mt at 35.4% Fe.

- Only 8km of a potential total 65km interpreted prospective strike drilled to date.


- As at 31 March 2014, Tawana Resources held $1.1 million in cash. In April 2014, a placement to
  investment funds and sophisticated investors to raise $5.0 million was completed. In addition, a Share
  Purchase Plan (“SPP”) was announced to raise up to an additional $2.0 million, which is expected to
  close on 6 May 2014.
- Funds will be used for the advancement of the design, engineering, environmental and logistics
  studies for the Mofe Creek Project and to fast track the Mineral Development Agreement.

  Mofe Creek Iron Ore Project


   The Mofe Creek Project (the “Project”) is located 80km northwest of the operating deep-water port of
   Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, West Africa. The project is well serviced by a sealed bitumen
   road from Monrovia through the licence area which is located within 20 km of the Liberia coastline.
   The Company through its wholly owned Liberia subsidiary Tawana Liberia Inc was granted mineral
   exploration license MEL12029 in December 2012 for a period of 3 years and renewable for an
   additional 2 years. The Company has a 100% beneficial interest in the tenement.

   The Mofe Creek deposits consist of a series of approximately 1 to 2km strike length semi-contiguous
   hills with coincident magnetic anomalies within an approximate 65km strike length of prospective
   magnetic anomalies. The hills tested to date and included within the Maiden Mineral Resource
   estimate (refer below) are the Gofolo Main, Zaway and Koehnko deposits, with additional hills yet to
   be tested.

   The Company has only drilled 8km of a total 65km of potential interpreted prospective strike within its
   100% owned Mofe Creek licence area, with the potential for resource expansion remaining extremely

   Scoping Study

   The Scoping Study is well advanced and forecast to be completed in July 2014. All consultant groups
   have advanced their respective disciplines and the principles of the Scoping Study are to consider the
   design and implemention of a two-stage development program for the Mofe Creek Project. The
   proposed first stage is aimed at a low capital cost start-up to produce 1 to 2 Mtpa of final product with
   an envisaged Stage 2 expansion for the production of 5 to 10 Mtpa.

   Metallurgical Testwork

   Approximately 3,000kg of full HQ diamond drill core was airfreighted to ALS Iron Ore Technical
   Centre in Perth. Follow-up metallurgical test work in support of the Scoping Study commenced on the
   10 composites generated, representative of material types at the Gofolo and Zaway prospects.

   The test work program is designed to optimise the processing parameters required to beneficiate the
   medium and high-grade friable itabirite mineralisation present at the Mofe Creek prospects to produce
   the optimal quality iron ore product at the most viable particle sizing and Fe grade, with the minimal
   amount of plant and equipment.

   The program is structured to confirm the design criteria necessary for the Mofe Creek Scoping Study,
   including a preliminary plant design for the early start-up options being scoped, and the longer-term,
   larger-scale processing facility.

   Composite 2 and Composite 5 were representative R/C samples from drilling completed at Gofolo
   Main and Koehnko within ‘high-grade’ friable itabirite, that were part of the first phase metallurgical
   testwork programme reported in 2013.

Composit    Hole_ID      Depth     Depth     Interva   Fe        SiO2      AL2     P         S       TiO2      LOl
e                        _From     _To       l                             O3                                  1000
Comp 2      GMRC00       22        36        14        41.30     34.41     1.91    0.089     0.01    0.033     3.32
            GMR0003      12        26        14        49.88     18.62     1.50    0.090     0.04    0.043     7.28
            GMR0006      8         30        22        54.90     11.50     1.84    0.089     0.04    0.045     8.23
            KRC001       22        28        6         29.59     47.10     7.00    0.016     0.12    0.050     2.57
            KRC002       6         36        30        36.71     39.13     5.08    0.017     0.06    0.045     2.61
            KRC003       2         10        8         42.45     29.38     6.48    0.046     0.12    0.034     3.48
Comp 5      KRC004       4         24        20        35.35     34.63     9.38    0.045     0.22    0.039     4.52
            KRC006       8         24        16        40.41     36.69     2.62    0.014     0.05    0.024     1.98
            KRC0012      4         34        30        43.09     28.74     5.64    0.017     0.06    0.042     2.92
            KRC0014      10        12        2         36.07     37.30     5.99    0.038     0.10    0.030     4.35
            KRC0021      22        38        16        28.76     48.60     6.40    0.009     0.05    0.052     3.42
Table 1 | Meterage and RC assays for holes and intervals used to generate composites 2 and 5
(Refer ASX release on 25 June 2013)1

The testwork was designed to explore beneficiation options by ‘assay, by size’ fractioning and heavy
liquid separation (HLS) at a 1.0mm crush size. First phase metallurgical testwork reported in June
2013 was completed at a 3.35mm crush to define the ‘minimum’ amount of work required to generate
a +60% Fe product. Follow-up testwork was designed to assess what potential product grades could
be achieved at a 1.0mm crush (i.e. no particulate grinding). In-situ R/C head grades for both
composites are shown in Table 2.

Composite                                    Fe%                      SiO2%                     AI2O3%
Comp 2                                       50.4                     19.49                      1.87
Comp 5                                       36.5                     38.16                      6.07

Table 2 | Composite head grades for Comp 2 (Gofolo Main) and Comp 5 (Koehnko)

A representative portion of the crushed -1.0mm material was de-slimed at 0.045mm and the -1.0
+0.045mm fraction was submitted for HLS at various specific gravities to test for the amenability to
beneficiate by gravity process.

The HLS results indicated excellent upgradability for both composites with Fe grades continuing to
increase up to 63.2% and 67.7% Fe respectively, as the specific gravity increased to 3.6, whilst the
levels of contaminants decreased to approximately 2.0% SiO2 and 1.0% Al2O3.

Composite      SG (µm)        Mass           Feed Mass      Fe%            SiO2%          AI2O3%
                              Recovery %     Recovery %
Comp 2         +3.6           67.6           50.3           63.2           1.9            0.92
Comp 5         +3.6           57.5           40.7           67.7           2.0            0.64

Table 3 | Mass recovery and product grade of the -1.0+0.045mm using heavy liquid separation

HLS and sizing results confirmed that a high-grade +62% Fe to 68% Fe ‘premium’ product with low
impurities can be produced at a 58% to 68% (de-slimed) mass recovery rate, from 1.0mm crushed
material. Material was derived from +37% Fe to 50% Fe head grade, friable itabirite from the Gofolo
Main and Koehnko deposits.

Total plant feed mass recoveries for Composites 2 and 5 were between 40% to 50% when retaining
material deemed to be ultrafines, i.e. -45?m material. Final mass recoveries for the Mofe Creek
Project will optimally occur within the range of 40% to 68% (of the processing plant feed) due to the
inferred increase in material/particle coarseness, from diamond core or bulk samples, i.e. in-situ
samples. (Refer ASX release on 15 January 2014)2.

The results confirm the potential for the design and development of a low capital intensity process
plant with simple gravity beneficiation equipment. Visual drill core observations at the Zaway prospect
suggest similar material is present at this deposit and should upgrade/beneficiate in a similar manner
to the Gofolo Main deposit samples.

Results also demonstrate that an exceptional product grade can be achieved from low-grade feed
(36% Fe) at a 1.0mm crush. This is a significant result as it confirms the favourable physical
characteristics of the mineralisation; coarse grained and friable, allows for simple upgrade to a
premium product. Coarseness of the mineralisation could also potentially lead to the development of a
simple benefication process for the ‘hard’ below base of oxidation ‘fresh’ material - as its current
coarseness leads to a ‘weaker’ therefore softer, rock mass. The planned metallurgical testwork
programme will assess the upgradeability of the ‘fresh’ below base of oxidation mineralisation in the
coming months.

  Mineralisation from both composites is representative of the ‘central’ portion of a typical high-grade
  friable itabirite profile where the surface crust of weathering related material has been removed as it
  has the transitional hematitic to magnetic itabirite at the base. It typically represents the ‘higher-grade’
  portion of the friable itabirite profile. A representative 1kg split of material was used for each
  composite. Testwork samples for this metallurgical programme were derived from RC drill chips that
  are not representative of the in-situ physical rock properties. Testwork in support of the Scoping Study
  derived from full HQ diamond drill core has been initiated to address this.

  Coffey Mining of Perth are currently reviewing geotechnical and hydrological mine design criteria,
  mine and tailing storage facility design in support of the Scoping Study. Prestedge Retief Dresner
  Wijnberg (Pty) Ltd of South Africa (PRDW) have completed a desk top review of barging and
  transhipment options in support of the Stage 2 – 5 to 10Mtpa production scenario and Tenova
  Bateman are advancing the processing and infrastructure engineering design and costings for all
  production stages.

  Environmental Baseline Studies
  Earth Systems in conjunction with EarthCons of Liberia have completed the baseline Environmental
  and Social report site visit in support of the Scoping Study and for the mapping of a baseline
  environmental monitoring programme for the PFS, scheduled to commence immediately after the
  release of the Scoping Study report.
  Potential trucking companies familiar with operating in West Africa have been contacted to seek initial
  trucking proposals and costings in support of the early start-up scenario.

  Infrastructure and Logistics
  The first shipment of iron ore by WISCO (formerly China Union Group) from their nearby development
  port handling and export facility at Freeport of Monrovia, was completed in mid-February, marking a
  milestone in re-instating a second Liberian iron ore export and multi-user port. The Mofe Creek project
  is located 80km from the port of Monrovia via a sealed bitumen road.

  The Company is engaging with the Ministry of Transport, the National Port Authority of Liberia, the
  Ministry of Lands Mines and Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to assess the potential
  for a 1-2 Mtpa early start-up scenario being considered as one option for the Scoping Study.

  The Company has engaged with potential strategic partners for either port gate or rail siding sales as
  one of its options under consideration for the potential early start-up scenario.



  A Maiden Mineral Resource of 61.9Mt with an in-situ iron grade of 33% (“Maiden Mineral Resource”)
  was calculated for the Mofe Creek Project and comprises the Gofolo Main, Zaway and Koehnko
  deposits (refer to ASX announcement of 31 March 2014).

  Coffey Mining Pty Ltd (Coffey) was retained by Tawana to undertake the Maiden Resource estimates
  for the above mentioned three prospects at the Mofe Creek Project.

  The Maiden Mineral Resource includes Indicated Mineral Resources of 16.2Mt at 35.4% Fe, with the
  balance of the Mineral Resource classified as Inferred (45.7Mt at 32.1% Fe –refer summary Table 3

Classification                   Tonnes       Fe       SiO2    Al2O3      P       LOI    MnO     S      TiO2
                                 (Mt)         (%)      (%)      (%)      (%)             (%)     (%)    (%)
Total Indicated Zaway             6           33.4     43.3     4.4      0.03     1.7    0       0       0.2
Total Indicated Gofolo Main      10.2         36.5     38.8     3.4      0.05     2.9    0.1     0.1     0.1
Total Indicated                  16.2         35.4     40.5     3.8      0.04     2.5    0.1     0.1     0.1
Total Inferred Koehnko           16           31       42.5     7.9      0.04     3.4    0       0       0.2
Total Inferred Zaway              6.3         33.7     40.9     5.7      0.03     3.3    0       0       0.3
Total Inferred Gofolo Main       23.4         32.5     36.3     8.4      0.04     5.8    0.1     0.1     0.3
Total Inferred                   45.7         32.1     39.1     7.9      0.04     4.6    0.1     0.1     0.3
TOTAL Indicated +Inferred        61.9         33.0     39.5     6.8      0.04     4.0    0.1     0.1     0.2

      Table 4 | Summary Grade-Tonnage for Mofe Creek (20 % Fe lower cut-off is applied)3,4

      The Maiden Mineral Resource was a major milestone for Tawana in our transition from an explorer to
      a potential developer. It provides additional confidence in the geological robustness of the Mofe Creek
      Project and is a critical step in allowing the Company to assess the technical and economic viability of
      a proposed 1 to 2Mtpa early start-up operation (Stage 1 scenario) and a later stage (Stage 2
      scenario), 5 to 10 Mtpa.

      The Project’s proximity to existing infrastructure, recently commissioned mines and an operational
      deep-water iron ore port in Monrovia, along with the confirmation that the mineralisation is coarse-
      grained, friable itabirite with exceptionally low contaminants, sets the Mofe Creek Project apart from
      other West African iron ore projects.

      These dynamic attributes of the Resource and Project, coupled with the mineralisation being at or
      near surface, with low strip-ratio potential for future mine developments and potential simple
      upgradability of the iron formation to a 62-68% Fe premium grade product, places Tawana in an
      optimal position to potentially fast-track the development of its Mofe Creek Project and provides
      sound prospects for the potential economic extraction of the resources.

      Zaway Drilling Results
      Assay results were received for all RC drilling completed (32 RC holes for 2,572m) at the Zaway
      prospect. Significant drilling intersections are reported in the table overleaf.

Prospect    Hole_ID      From     To         Interval     Fe        SiO2     AI2O3    P             S         Tio2     LOI1000
Zaway       ZRC001       6        32         26           39.50     39.10    2.21     0.027         0.019     0.13     1.80
Zaway       ZRC004       0        34         34           37.09     37.86    4.87     0.023         0.024     0.22     3.19
Zaway       ZRC006       0        40         40           34.58     35.95    8.30     0.024         0.034     0.26     5.30
Zaway       Incl.        12       34         22           40.59     33.10    4.97     0.030         0.010     0.12     3.65
Zaway       ZRC0011      0        100        100          29.38     49.76    4.61     0.021         0.039     0.23     0.82
Zaway       ZRC0018      0        46         46           36.22     38.46    4.88     0.027         0.022     0.31     3.03
Zaway       ZRC0022      0        4          4            41.76     17.68   11.94     0.046         0.022     0.47     7.97
Zaway       ZRC0022      16       26         10           37.22     41.02    2.00     0.030         0.002     0.18     1.28
Zaway       ZRC0022      36       64         28           30.55     47.95    2.85     0.041         0.062     0.17     BD

      Table 5 | Significant intersections from maiden RC resource drilling at the Zaway prospect.

      Drilling results have defined a 2km strike length high-grade, coarse grained itabirite deposit along the
      northern and southern flank of the Zaway Hill. Mineralisation is open to the east along the northern
      flank and has been observed in road cuttings to the east of hole ZRC008.

      Koehnko Drilling Results

      A total of 10 RC holes for 536m were completed at the Koehnko prospect and all assays received.
      Significant drilling intersections are reported in the table below.

Hole_ID    From     To      Interval             Fe       SiO2     Al2O3     P        TiO2      S      LOI1000
KRC017     0        8       8                   39.61     30.58    8.04     0.025     0.      0.042     4.24
KRC017     58       66      8          EOH      32.76     47.52    2.78     0.051     0.      0.001    -0.73
KRC018     0        32      32                  29.61     45.88    7.93     0.043     0.1     0.020     3.09
KRC019     0        50      50                  29.88     47.03    6.17     0.043     0.13    0.025     2.13
KRC020     0        8       8                   38.52     26.02   11.04     0.034     0.30    0.078     6.64
KRC020     32       54      22                  37.66     43.17    1.29     0.044     0.04    0.005     0.38
KRC021     16       20      4                   40.17     39.09    3.34     0.037     0.02    0.010     1.20
KRC022     0        50      50                  37.87     34.19    7.38     0.047     0.24    0.029     4.25
KRC023     50       54      4          EOH      28.66     46.98    5.33     0.023     0.07    0.174     1.18
KRC024     0        34      34                  36.50     40.35    3.69     0.025     0.14    0.173     3.16

 Table 6 | Significant intersections from maiden RC resource drilling at the Koehnko prospect.

 Drilling results have defined a 1.2km strike length, low contaminant level itabirite deposit along the
 Koehnko hill. Mineralisation is open to the west and east along the main Koehnko hill, with additional
 target footprints yet untested by drilling to the north, east and south.


 Cash Balance and Movements

 As at 31 March 2014, Tawana Resources held $1.1 million in cash. Refer to the Appendix 5B for
 principle movements in cash for the quarter.

 Subsequent to the end of the quarter the Company successfully completed a placement to
 institutions, funds and professional investors to raise approximately $5.0 million. A total of 200 million
 shares were placed to investors at an issue price of $0.025 per share.

 The Company has also announced it will undertake a Share Purchase Plan (SPP) with existing
 shareholders. The SPP will seek to raise up to a maximum of $2.0 million and is expected to close on
 6 May 2014.

 Funds raised will be used primarily to the engineering/design and resource upgrades for the
 Company’s Mofe Creek Iron Ore project in Liberia, including both an early start-up operational option,
 and a larger long-term production project as well as to fast track the Mineral Development Agreement.

 Canaccord Genuity (Australia) Limited acted as Lead Manager to the Placement.

 Divestment of Non-Core Assets

 The Company continues to divest its legacy diamond portfolio and announced the sale of Kareevlei
 Diamond Project to BlueRock Diamonds PLC (AIM: BRD) for ZAR 4 million in two tranches on 26
 August 2013.

 Diamond Resources Pty Ltd, the 100% owned South African subsidiary of Tawana Resources
 entered into an Option Agreement with BlueRock Diamonds on 23 April 2013 and a Supplementary
 Agreement on 3 August 2013. Under the terms of the agreement, BlueRock Diamonds has the option
 to purchase outright the Kareevlei Diamond Project Mining Right and associated equipment for a total
 of ZAR 4 million (approximately AU$430,000).

 The Company received the first tranche payment of ZAR 3 million (approximately AU$320,000) in
 September 2013 and the second tranche payment of ZAR 1 million (approximately AU$108,000) was
 placed into escrow pending successful transfer of the Mining Right, expected during 2014.


 A part-time Study Manager was appointed to Tawana, to champion the co-ordination and timely
 completion of the Mofe Creek Project Scoping Study. The study remains on-track for completion in
 early July 2014. Additionally, a part-time Chief Financial Officer has been employed to structure the
 Company’s corporate financial systems to effect the timely and accurate migration of the Company
 financial systems from an explorer to a future developer. The appointee will also be accountable for
 managing the financial model for the Scoping Study and assist with future financial analyses of
 various operating scenarios and varying ownership and development scenarios.
The development of a Financial Model for the Scoping Study (and ongoing studies) will commence on
or around the beginning of the June quarter, to assist with the economic modelling of the two
operational strategies being considered.


Work will commence on the development of a PFS drilling program during the following quarter. The
PFS drilling program could commence as early as May.

The Executive Chairman presented at the GMP Mining Jamboree event in South Africa, during late
January. The Executive Chairman and Managing Director attended the Mining Indaba conference in
South Africa, during early February. The Company presented to a significant number of very
interested funds and institutional investors during these events. The Executive Chairman presented to
existing shareholders, interested funds and institutional investors on the east coast of Australia and in
London, during mid-March.


1: For full details of these results refer to ASX announcement dated 25 June 2013. Tawana
Resources is not aware of any new information or data that materially affects the information included
in the said announcement.

2: For full details of these results refer to ASX announcement dated 15 January 2014. Tawana
Resources is not aware of any new information or data that materially affects the information included
in the said announcement.

3: Refer to how the mineral resource estimates were derived in the Company's ASX announcement
dated 31 March 2014. Tawana Resources is not aware of any new information or data that materially
affects the information included in said announcement.

4: All material assumptions and technical parameters underpinning the mineral resource estimates in
the ASX announcement dated 31 March 2014 continue to apply and have not materially changed
since it was last reported.
Competent Persons Statement

The information in this report that relates to Exploration Results, Mineral Resources or Ore Reserves
is based on information compiled by Len Kolff and Iain Macfarlane, who are members of the
Australian Institute of Geoscientists. Len Kolff is a full-time employee of the Company and has
sufficient experience which is relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under
consideration and to the activity which he is undertaking to qualify as a Competent Person as defined
in the 2012 Edition of the ‘Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources
and Ore Reserves’. Iain Macfarlane is a full-time employee of Coffey Mining Ltd and has sufficient
experience which is relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration and
to the activity which he is undertaking to qualify as a Competent Person as defined in the 2012 Edition
of the ‘Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves’
Len Kolff and Iain Macfarlane consent to the inclusion in the report of the matters based on his
information in the form and context in which it appears. Relevant CP initials are presented under the
competent person column in the attached JORC code 2012 Table 1.

17 April 2014

PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance (Proprietary) Limited

Forward Looking Statement

This report may contain certain forward looking statements and projections regarding estimated,
resources and reserves; planned production and operating costs profiles; planned capital
requirements; and planned strategies and corporate objectives. Such forward looking
statements/projections are estimates for discussion purposes only and should not be relied upon.
They are not guarantees of future performance and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties
and other factors many of which are beyond the control of Tawana Resources NL. The forward
looking statements/projections are inherently uncertain and may therefore differ materially from
results ultimately achieved.

Tawana Resources NL does not make any representations and provides no warranties concerning
the accuracy of the projections, and disclaims any obligation to update or revise any forward looking
statements/projects based on new information, future events or otherwise except to the extent
required by applicable laws. While the information contained in this report has been prepared in good
faith, neither TAW or any of its directors, officers, agents, employees or advisors give any
representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the fairness, accuracy, completeness or
correctness of the information, opinions and conclusions contained in this presentation. Accordingly,
to the maximum extent permitted by law, none of TAW, its directors, employees or agents, advisers,
nor any other person accepts any liability whether direct or indirect, express or limited, contractual,
tortuous, statutory or otherwise, in respect of, the accuracy or completeness of the information or for
any of the opinions contained in this presentation or for any errors, omissions or misstatements or for
any loss, howsoever arising, from the use of this presentation.

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