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Version 4.4 - Release Notes (18 August 2015)

  • Various bug fixes

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Version 4.2 - Release Notes (15 August 2012)

The new release features the following exciting developments:

  • New improved login feature
  • The ability to create new portfolios
  • Add and remove items easily from your portfolio
  • Separate indices/spots/forex/portfolio tabs into their own windows
  • Customise colour options including moves up and moves down
  • Proxy serve connections now supported (where firewalls required it)
  • Various optimisations due to the newly introduced JSE MIT system
  • Bug fixes

Version 3.2 - Release Notes (21 September 2009)

  • All Shares / Open Shares Ticker bug fix
  • All Trades Next 20 - Prev 20 bug fix
  • Forex Tab - Double click on row opens new tab.
  • Forex Charts - Now possible to chart Forex Data.
  • Metals Tab - Double click on row opens new tab.
  • Trading - List Orders/ List Trades bug fix
  • At Market Bid / Offers now showing in the market depth during auction period.
  • New improved Full Charting Window
    • Close Line, HLOC,Candlestick
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Donchain Channel
    • Moving Averages:Simple,Exponential,Triangular,Weighted
    • RSI
    • Momentum
    • Buy / Sell
    • Zoomable Charts.
    • Forex and Metals charts.

QuickStream 3.1 (12 December 2008)

  • Improved performance (reduced high cpu usage which occurred towards the end of the day)
  • Spots bug fix.
  • Forex move and percentage move bug fix.
  • Typing in share code will now jump to correct tab if open.
  • Full Window Market Depth bug fix.

QuickStream 3.00 (25 August 2008)

  • New Charting system
  • Multi-Day Intra-day charts
  • Simple Moving Averages
  • 3 Chart Types: Close Line, High Low Open Close, Candlestick
  • Right click on charts to get charting options
  • Main window size is now saved.
  • New improved Preference window.
  • NB: Saved workspaces from previous versions will be lost when upgrading to this new release

QuickStream 2.6.3 (20 September 2007)

  • Updated communications library to fix occasional issues with lost messages.
  • Fixed bug with horizontal ticker.

QuickStream 2.6.1 (19 December 2006)

  • New features include:
    • Vertical Ticker
    • Forex and Spots tabs
    • Major movers and most active tabs
    • Trading stats window
    • new All Trades Button
    • Last trade time added to portfolios and indices
    • Combined code entry and name search system - you can now enter a code, a name or part of a name, if a match can not be found a list of suggestions are shown.
    • Extra icons are present for some of the new features and tool tips now show if you hover over an icon
    • The status field goes red to indicate if its logging in
    • The system will notify you when you login if a new version is available
    • Preferences tabs have been improved to cater for new options

  • Fixes that were made include:
    • Removed volume axis from indices instead of showing 0.000000
    • SENS window is now saved correctly in workspace
    • Fixed bug with indices graphs not updating
    • Fix bug with SENS not updating

QuickStream 2.5 (15 September 2006)

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed high cpu usage when drawing live graphs.
    • Fixed incorrecly saving workspace if inital loading is cancelled.
    • Focus remains on first tab when loading work space.
    • Fixed possible Market Depth display issue
    • Fixed duplication of last trade in list

QuickStream 2.4 (31 July 2006)

  • Added:
    • Number Of Deals to price data.

  • Fixed:
    • Workspace Open/Close Bugs.
    • Ticker Close Bug.
    • Market Depth Bug.
    • Graph not updating after disconnect bug.
    • Installer bug when no JRE is found, application fails to load.

QuickStream 2.3 (6 May 2006)

  • Trade directly from Quickstream! (requires trading account via Sharenet)
    • View Orders
    • View Trades
    • Place Orders
    • Cancel Orders
    • Portfolio Holdings values updates

  • View a market heat map updated every 60 seconds.

Market Statistics are calculated by Sharenet and are therefore not the official JSE Market Statistics. The calculation/derivation may include underlying JSE data.
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