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Annual increase notice for 2015

Dear Clients,

As of 1 January 2015, the JSE will be instituting an increase across all their services. Sharenet, as from the same date (1 January 2015) will similarly be initiating an increase. We have managed to keep the increase down to 6.9% across our products and services with exception of the following services where the increase may differ or an increase was not applied:

    PowerStocks pricing for 2015:

1) Existing monthly PowerStocks subs will increase to R659. Note that monthly payments are not available to new subscribers. Please see Bi-annual and Annual options below.
2) Bi-Annual PowerStocks subs will increase to R3,954
3) Annual PowerStocks subs will increase to R7,188
4) Monthly Ultra subscribers will now pay R1,099 per month

    Online trading pricing for 2015:

We are pleased to announce that neither our Sharenet Securities (at only 0.3% commission or R100 minimum -, nor our Sharenet CFDs offering (at only 0.2% on equity CFDs - has changed in price. There will be no increases passed on to these trading and investing services. For more information on either of these options, simply contact Sharenet and we'd be happy to help you.

Then, don't forget that we're in festive season mode. If you've been meaning to learn more about the markets through our Stock Exchange Course, planning on purchasing charting software or take advantage of securing 2014 prices on PowerStocks in order to avoid the 2015 increase, take advantage of our year-end Christmas sale NOW ON until 15th December 2014. Visit the following page for more information.

We welcome any and all suggestions which could help us improve our service and encourage you to send these through to

Thank you for your continued support and business.
The Sharenet Team

Fri, 28 Nov 2014- 10:26

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