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28 September 2017 | SA Views | Natalie Mayer

September’s most-read articles have a strong equity focus. First we have a post about the new listing of African Rainbow Capital, an investment company intended to boost black participants in the economy - the brainchild of billionaire Patrice Motsepe, Johan van der Merwe, and former Chief Executive Officer of Sanlam, Johan van Zyl. Then there’s a look at STAR, another newly listed company that is a result of the Steinhoff unbundling, and which is predominantly made up of the stalwart Pep and Ackermans brands. Sharenet Analytics then present us with not one, but two lists of the most popular stocks held by fund managers - mid-caps as well as large caps. If you’ve ever wanted to ’copy the smart kid’s answers’ where equities are concerned - this post is a winner!

Away from equities, the Western Cape drought was the topic of the second most-popular post this month. Dwaine van Vuuren reviews the Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG)’s statistical analysis of the drought, and extracts the essential points to highlight just how serious this drought really is.

Finally we return to the investment arena with an investigation into the success of Bitcoin miners compared to those just holding Bitcoin. Dwaine explains what you need to know, and how to manage your expectations, before you enter into this often risky - but potentially very lucrative - investment.

Happy reading!

#1: African Rainbow Capital: Listing On JSE Today


Summary: Info about the listing of African Rainbow Capital on the JSE main board.

Key quote: "Up to R4.0 billion of primary capital will be raised through 223,147,060 ordinary shares at a price of R8.50 per share, which represents 22.45% of the shares at listing."

#2: 2-Year Cape Rainfall 1-in-1,100 Year Event


Summary: A look at the shocking statistics behind the Western Cape’s terrible drought.

Key quote: "1,500 new families are piling into the Western Cape each month. [Water] demand is going up and not down. These low rainfall patterns coupled with emigration to the Cape are a new narrative we’re going to have to learn to live with."

#3: Bitcoin Miners Are Absolutely Killing It


Summary: With just an incremental bit of knowledge, effort and patience, Bitcoin mining can absolutely kill the Bitcoin buy-and-hold strategy.

Key quote: "If you acknowledge the risks, are armed with the knowledge of the small handful of legitimate, profitable providers, and are versed in a few techniques about the best time to buy and sell, you can see it can be very rewarding. Not just once, either - but five times out of six."

#4: STAR: What The Steinhoff Unbundling Means For Shareholders


Summary: An explanation of what the unbundling means for Steinhoff and Shoprite shareholders.

Key quote: "Steinhoff will own 51% voting rights of Steinhoff African Retail Assets (STAR) and Star will own 51% of Shoprite Holdings Ltd, so ultimately Steinhoff owns Shoprite and Christo Wiese got what he always wanted, to consolidate his interests."

#5: Fund Managers’ Top 10 Most Popular Stocks


Summary: A look at the top ten equities that fund managers most often hold in their portfolios.

Key quote: "Something to note from the identified lists of shares is to not get caught up in purely sticking to large-cap stocks."




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