Top 5 Views Posts In October

3 November 2017 | SA Views | Natalie Mayer

It was a battle to select the most popular Views posts for October, as many posts were vying for the top spot and the readership stats kept shifting until the last minute!

The key themes that have emerged are (1) a persistent concern about the political and economic future of South Africa, with two posts featuring tips on how to protect your wealth against the increasingly weaker rand; (2) stocks to watch, with a heads-up on two companies which seem to be heading towards a serious uptick in share price in the near future; and (3) a review on the astoundingly high estate agent commissions in South Africa compared to other countries - as well as the new agencies that are offering a very attractive alternative to those commissions.

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#1: How Do I Protect Against a ZAR Crash?


Summary: We share a strategy to protect your wealth in the midst of political and economic uncertainty.

Key quote: "A wise investor could protect their wealth by investing at least a portion of their local investments in offshore assets." 

#2:  Huge Telecom In a David-And-Goliath Battle With Telkom


Summary: Huge Telecom now has a secret weapon to take market share from its major competitor, Telkom.

Key quote: "Huge Telecom finally found itself in the enviable position of being able to port geographic telephone numbers for use with wireless GSM networks. This has never been done before and is a world first for a local telecommunications player."

#3: Group Five: The Allan Gray Investment Plot Thickens


Summary:  Jeremy Woods updates us on the latest changes afoot at Group Five. 

Key quote: "Group Five said in a SENS announcement that Greenbay, a JSE-listed company, had offered to buy in a Firm Intention Letter the offshore assets of Group Five for a cash price of R1.6 billion."

#4: SA Estate Agent Fees Top Global List


Summary: A look into exorbitant SA estate agent commissions, and what your alternatives are.

Key quote: "South Africa shares top spot with France in the 21-strong country list [of most expensive estate agent commissions.]"  

#5: Hedge up! December Is Coming


Summary: We provide rand-hedge techniques that can come in handy during the next few months. 

Key quote: "With current local political risk, a high possibility of a US interest rate hike in December, and the risk of another credit downgrade, the odds of the rand weakening further as we move closer to December are high." 




Natalie Mayer

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