Sharenet's Income Unit Trust Among Top in SA

13 July 2018 | SA Views | Ian Stiglingh

Investors don’t have to go for the more aggressive options when seeking good returns. Over the past three years the FTSE/JSE All Share Index returned 6.7% while the top income funds gave investors in excess of 9.0%. Moneyweb recently took a look at the top performing funds within the ASISA SA Multi Asset Income sector and the Sharenet BCI Income Plus unit trust is one of the top performing funds.

1 Year Performance - Maximise Return per Unit of Risk Taken

The following table shows the performance of the top funds in the sector over 1 year.


Data source: Morningstar; table: Moneyweb

The Sharenet BCI Income Plus delivered the return at a very low risk. The volatility of these income funds differs substantially as each fund employs different strategies. The column “Return/Risk” gives an indication of how good a manager performed given the amount of risk taken in the portfolio. The Sharenet BCI Income Plus ranks 4th using this measure. 

Consistency is important

Only 6 of the above funds made it into the Top 10 list for the 3-year period. Being included proves the consistency of returns for the Sharenet BCI Income Plus, a key requirement for a conservative investor


Source: Morningstar; table: Moneyweb | View the full Moneyweb article here.

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Ian Stiglingh
Quantitative Investment Analyst 

Ian Stiglingh is a full time quantitative analyst, responsible for research of equities across all industries. Ian completed his degree in Mathematical Science in 2013 and his Honours degree in Financial Risk Management in 2014, both at the University of Stellenbosch. During his studies, Ian worked as an intern at Old Mutual Actuaries & Consultants as well as J.P. Morgan in Johannesburg, and is currently a CFA candidate.

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