How Do You Spot A Raging Bull? Ask Us

6 February 2018 | SA Views | Sharenet

It takes experience and skill to blend investment styles that perform consistently, year after year.  It also takes skill to pick the managers that can fulfill this mandate. At Sharenet we pride ourselves on being able to do both. Our Sharenet BCI Income Plus unit trust performed in the Top-10 of its category over the past two years, with an annualised return of 9.30% (9.24% for 2016 and 9.37% for 2017). We are proud to say that our hand-picked fund managers delivered the superior performance we expect from them.

We congratulate Paul Crawford and Louis Antelme, from Fairtree Capital, our ‘Raging Bull’ awarded fund-manager team. Their consistent performance over the past three years in a competitive category, and their ability to enhance yield without excessive risk, makes them worthy winners of the Raging Bull Award for the best South African interest-bearing fund.

When we started to work together in 2015, we knew they were the perfect fit to enhance our income fund investment strategy, and they’ve proven us right, rewarding our clients with exceptional risk-adjusted returns.

We look forward to a long successful working relationship going forward and are proud to have them as part of the Sharenet team. 

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