Cape Town Water Levels Now Exceed 2015

25 September 2018 | SA Views | Dwaine van Vuuren

Continued run-off into the Western Cape’s six major dams, coupled with ongoing water savings efforts by City residents have raised water levels to 74.2%, exceeding the peak level achieved in the 2015 hydrological year of 73.8%.


We have consistently met the optimistic upper bounds of our forecast model since revealing it in June and we still have 5 days left before the end of September.

The status of the six major dams appears below:


The Berg is now full and even possibly overflowing out to sea - which means the Western Cape government made the right call to ease restrictions.

There is better than even odds we manage up to an additional 4% inflows between now and end October, despite October historically being a month of net outflows. We still have some weather systems moving over the peninsula until the end of the month and potentially one more in October. This could take us to a peak water level of 77-78% by end October, tantalisingly close to the 80% level.



Dwaine van Vuuren
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