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Release Date: 04/09/2001 09:00:59      Code(s): SOL
The financial statements of the Group for this financial
year have been prepared in accordance with International
Accounting Standards (IAS).  Comparative figures have
been restated to conform to IAS.  The effect of
adjustments is shown below.  (A billion is defined as one
thousand million).
* Sales up 60% to R41 289 million.
* Operating profit up 71% to R10 773 million.
* Attributable earnings up 72% to R7 025 million.
* Acquisition of Condea earnings positive.
* Attributable earnings per share up 81% to 1 120 cents.
* Headline earnings per share up 86% to R1 236 cents.
* Total dividend per share declared increased by 45% to
320 cents.
* More than R3 billion invested in South Africa
The outstanding performance of the Group over the last
five years is the direct result of delivery of the
Group's growth strategy and the repositioning undertaken
to sustain real growth in the future.  This strategy is
focused on Sasol becoming a respected global enterprise.
A highly commendable performance for the year ended 25
June 2001 resulted in all major businesses achieving
record results.  This performance should be seen in the
context of strong growth in sales, operating profit,
attributable earnings and capital expenditure over the
last five years.
The factors which primarily contributed to the increase
in earnings in the past year compared to the previous
year were:
* A higher oil price (up 37% to an average of US$ 26,50 a
barrel compared to the previous year), and strong
refining margins.
* A 16% weakening in the rand/dollar exchange rate.
* Strong sales volumes into both local and international
* Continuing improvement in operational stability on most
* Significant productivity and efficiency improvements,
and cost reductions, across all businesses.
Sales increased by 60% from R25 762 million to R41 289
million.  In pursuit of a set strategic objective,
foreign sales reached 37% of total sales and are
confidently expected to exceed 50% in the next financial
year.  Sales of chemicals by Sasol Chemical Industries
(SCI) amounted to 51% of total sales, which is also in
line with a strategic objective to increase chemical
sales to 50% of total turnover.
Operating profit of R10 773 million increased by 71% and
exceeded R10 billion for the first time.  At prevailing
exchange rates, this is the second consecutive year that
operating profit has exceeded US$ 1 billion.
Renewal and cost optimisation programmes throughout all
operations are a critical part of an ongoing and
entrenched management philosophy to achieve continuous
improvement.  Productivity and efficiency improvements
again contributed materially to the increase in operating
During the year, the Group completed its largest and most
significant acquisition.  A Euro 1,3 billion asset and
share purchase agreement was concluded with RWE-DEA
Aktiengesellschaft f r Mineraloel und Chemie (RWE-DEA),
for that company's entire chemicals business, Condea,
with effect from 1 March 2001.  Condea has since been
renamed  Sasol Chemie.
It is noteworthy that the impact of this acquisition on
Group earnings was positive for the four months since 1
March 2001.
Following this pleasing addition to Sasol's business
portfolio, which provides an ideal strategic fit with
existing businesses, gearing rose to 27% at 25 June 2001.
This is in line with the financial objective to hold debt
between a range of 25% and 30% of total equity.  The
higher gearing resulted in an increase of R87 million in
net interest paid during the year to R276 million.
It should be noted that R1 119 million was expended on
the Group's approved share buyback programme during the
year.  To date 7% (47 074 900 shares) of issued shares
have been purchased at an average price of R51,15 per
share.  There is presently no intention to trade in these
shares.  If adjusted for this expenditure, gearing is
reduced to 15% of total equity.
The Group is mindful of the need to integrate and settle
Sasol Chemie successfully into SCI.  Already, prospects
for Sasol Chemie are exceeding expectations.  As a
result, and in support of its stated growth objectives,
Sasol is again alert to acquisition opportunities that
will add value and substance to its strategically focused
business portfolios.  It is understood that suitable
opportunities can take time to materialise.  The balance
sheet, forecasted future cash flows and associated
funding options provide substantial capacity for the
funding of future growth.
Highlights of the Group's financing  activities were:
* Arrangement of a syndicated US$ 400 million revolving
credit facility.
* Issuing of R900 million senior secured three-year bonds
as part of a R2 billion domestic medium-term note
programme launched in June 2000.
* Issuing of a one-year non-listed commercial bond for R1
100 million, which is one of the biggest single
placements of commercial paper by a listed company in
South Africa.
* Arrangement of a Euro 470 million and USD 165 million
syndicated, multi-currency term loan and revolving credit
Earnings per share increased by 81% to 1 120 cents, and
headline earnings per share increased by 86% to 1 236
cents.  The difference of 116 cents per share (R727
million after tax) relates to the amortisation of net
negative goodwill of R44 million, loss on the sale of
property, plant and equipment of R83 million as well as
the impairment of the following assets:
* The acrylonitrile (ACN) plant  - R354 million.
* The Group's 50% equity interest in Sasol Fibres - R111
* The chlorine plant at Umbogintwini, South of Durban -
R57 million.
* Crotonaldehyde and acid recovery plants - R82 million.
* Foreign oil producing assets - R35 million.
* Other smaller plants - R49 million.
A final dividend of 180 cents per share has been
declared.  This brings the total dividend declared to 320
cents per share, which represents an increase of 45%.
The contribution to the operating profit of the Group was
as follows:
                             25 June   June     %
                             2001      2000     Increase
 Sasol Synthetic Fuels       7 871     3 999    97
Sasol Oil                    1 309     808      62
Sasol Mining                 577       317      82
Sasol Chemical Industries    2 199     1 603    37
   Sasol Polymers            870       864      1
   Sasol Solvents            501       273      84
   Sasol Alpha Olefins       334       242      38
   Nitrogen businesses       271       169      60
   Sasol Chemie              204       -        -
   Other                     19        55       -
                             (198)     (89)     -
                             11 758    6 638    77
Capital items and goodwill   (985)     (346)    -
Total                        10 773    6 292    71
Surging ahead on the strength of high international crude
oil price, improved yields and effective cost management
initiatives, SSF increased its operating profit by 97% to
R7 871 million.
Notwithstanding operating problems experienced during the
year on the air separation units, for which sustainable
corrective modifications are necessary and underway, SSF
continues to improve the quality of its performance year
after year.  The continuing ability to innovate better
production processes, increase effectiveness and
profitability, improve safety and environmental standards
and motivate employees towards achieving challenging
targets is testimony to the status of this business.
SSF successfully completed its first full financial year
of running the new-generation Sasol Advanced Synthol
(SAS) reactors, without parallel support from the older-
generation CFB Synthol reactors.  A ninth SAS reactor was
recently installed.  These reactors will substantially
contribute to increased performance and output in future.
In yet another year of exceptional progress, Sasol Mining
increased its operating profit by 82% to a record
R577million.  While the business benefited from higher
coal export prices, its highly effective renewal process
progressed successfully through all production and
support operations.
The higher international coal prices increased the export
contribution to operating profit to R235 million.
Exports remain integral to the business' growth
The renewal process has been so successful that it has
become embedded as a continuous improvement philosophy
and has spawned further improvement initiatives.  These
include enhancements to key activities such as
maintenance, information management and human resources
It is noteworthy that Sasol Mining was rated in the upper-
quartile, in a productivity benchmarking exercise
completed during the year, involving comparable South
African collieries.
The upward trend in the performance of Sasol Oil
continued during the past year and operating profit
increased by 62% to R1 309 million.  This pleasing
performance resulted from higher refining margins,
increased sales volumes, the rand's depreciation against
the US dollar and further improved operational and
commercial efficiencies.  Production and distribution
costs were controlled to well below inflation levels.
It is estimated that the market for liquid fuels declined
by 0,8% during the year.  Near-African States also used
less fuel. The collapse of the Zimbabwe market was a
notable feature.
The Sasol/Total South African joint venture refining
company, National Petroleum Refiners of South Africa
(Natref) performed well for almost the entire year.
Natref has long been an exceptionally safe and productive
refinery.  The most unfortunate fire that occurred near
financial year-end is regretted.  Two people died and the
crude distillation unit (CDU) was damaged.
Sasol again expresses its condolences to the families of
these two persons.
The refinery is likely to return to full production in
October 2001.  The impact of the incident on operating
profit was limited to the insurance excess of R80 million
for Sasol.  Corrective measures to prevent a recurrence
of such an incident are being effected.
The refinery's performance was otherwise pleasing and a
92% product yield achieved was an all-time record.
Natref also achieved major improvements in energy
efficiency and reduced atmospheric emissions.
The R700 million Natref expansion project is expected to
achieve its June 2002 commissioning target.  It will
enable a 22% increase in capacity.
A notable success during the year was the complete to
unleaded petrol in the form of Sasol's Formula 100 Dual
Fuel in March 2001.  Motorists welcomed the Dual Fuel
launch as an innovative way to satisfy their fuel
The long-standing Main Supply and Blue Pump agreements
with South African oil companies have prohibited the
Group from operating its own branded service station
network.  These agreements expire at the end of 2003
following notice given by Sasol in 1999.  The Group is
progressing with far-sighted plans to have a Sasol
branded service structure network in place by 2004.
Maintaining its excellent track record of the last four
years, SCI increased operating profit by 37% to R2 199
This achievement is especially gratifying because many
divisions experienced severe margin pressure due to
continuing high oil and other feedstock prices.  The
affected products included polymers, alpha olefins,
fertilisers, commercial explosives, waxes and phenolics.
The primary contributions to SCI's performance include:
* Continuing strong customer support and excellent
worldwide logistics.
* Further increases in productivity and stringent
management of operating costs.
* Higher prices for ammonia and value-added carbon and
tar products.
* Overall volume growth in sales of most products.
* The commissioning of new production capacity in South
* The rand's depreciation against the US dollar.
Highlights and notable events during the year include:
* The acquisition of Sasol Chemie and its integration
into the existing Alpha Olefins and Solvents divisions to
form two global businesses with world-scale status and
strong market positions.
* The acquisition of the remaining 50% of Fedmis
Phalaborwa from AECI and its subsequent integration into
Sasol Agri.
* The commissioning of the third hexene train in
September 2000 at Secunda, raising annual hexene capacity
to about 200 000 tons.
* The restart of the polypropylene plant at Secunda after
the fire in February 2000.  Sasol Polymers has since
consistently run the plant at above design capacity.  The
division also successfully re-entered local and
international markets and emerged from its crisis with
its reputation  with customers intact.
* * The commissioning of the R270 million ethyl acetate
plant at Secunda.  Utilising novel Sasol developed
technology, the plant will produce 50 000 tons a year of
product, most of which will be exported.
* The sanctioning of a project to build a 150 000 tons a
year n-butanol plant in Sasolburg, using technology
licensed from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation of Japan.
Sasol Chemie
The integration of Sasol Chemie since 1 March 2001 is
progressing according to plan.  Operating profit for the
first four months to 25 June 2001 amounted to R204
million, which is pleasing considering the relatively
high feedstock prices for the same period.  As mentioned
above, the effect of this commendable result, after
taking full interest on the acquisition price of Sasol
Chemie into account, is positive on the Group's earnings.
After several years of extensive preparatory work by SSI,
a new era of international synfuels joint ventures is now
within reach.  In July 2001, approval was given for the
start of front end engineering and design for the Qatar
and Nigerian gas-to-liquids (GTL) plants.
The 50:50 Sasol/Chevron global joint venture was
finalised in October 2000.  Its objective is to develop a
GTL industry, based on Sasol technology, and global
markets for GTL fuels by designing, building and
operating plants at suitable locations to manufacture and
market premium grade alternative fuels and their
associated products.
The Nigerian plant will have a daily GTL fuel and naphtha
production capacity of about 34 000 barrels and is due to
be commissioned in 2005.  The Qatar plant will have a
similar total capacity and is also due to be commissioned
in 2005.
SPI continued its successful development of promising
exploration and production  portfolios in West and
Southern Africa.  The highlight of the year was the
securing of additional natural gas reserves in
Mozambique.  The enlarged  reserves will now enable the
Company to progress the development of the Pande and
Temane gas fields.  Both fields will be developed in a
70% (Sasol) - 30% (CMH) joint venture.  CMH is a
subsidiary of  Mozambique's national oil company.
SPI signed a petroleum production and project agreement
in October 2000 with the government of Mozambique for the
commercial development of the Temane and Pande gas fields
and to transport natural gas to customers in Mozambique
and South Africa.  All applicable agreements with the
governments of Mozambique and South Africa and Sasol's
gas partners are likely to be finalised before the end of
Crude oil and many petrochemical and related feedstock
prices have softened.  Generally, however, most are
expected to remain comparatively strong, or stable.
Most operations are targeting sales volume increases and
continuing benefits are expected from ongoing
productivity and efficiency improvement processes.
Assuming no dramatic shifts in world oil, petrochemical
and allied markets or unforeseen disruptions in key
financial markets, shareholders can anticipate modest
real earnings growth during the 2002 financial year.
Sasol intends to continue its share buyback subject to
acceptable circumstances.
The company is scheduled to be transferred to the Share
Transactions Totally Electronic (STRATE) system of
electronic settlement on the JSE Securities Exchange,
South Africa.
Dematerialisation of the company's shares will commence
on 19 November 2001. Electronic trading in the company's
shares will commence on 10 December 2001. The first
electronic settlement will commence on 18 December 2001.
The company's share certificates will, accordingly, not
be accepted for settlement after 10 December 2001.
Details of the transfer to STRATE will be communicated to
shareholders shortly.
Notice is hereby given that the directors have declared a
final dividend of 180 cents per share (2000: 137 cents
per share), in respect of the year ended 25 June 2001.
The dividend is declared in the currency of the Republic
of South Africa and will be payable to shareholders
registered in the books of the company at the close of
business on Friday, 21 September 2001.  Dividend cheques
will be posted on or about 25 October 2001.  Electronic
payment of dividends will take place on the same date.
By order of the board
N L Joubert
Company secretary
4 September 2001
Note: The financial results and restated comparative
figures have been audited by the external auditors, KPMG
Inc, and their audit report is available for inspection
at the registered office of the company.
Registered office                        Transfer
1 Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank          Mercantile Registrars
Johannesburg 2196                    First National House
P O Box 5486, Johannesburg 2000  11 Diagonal Street,
Johannesburg 2001
                                    P O Box 1053,
Johannesburg 2000
Company registration number
Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa
P du P Kruger (Chairman)  P V Cox (Deputy chairman and
chief executive)  E le R Bradley  WAM Clewlow  BP
Connellan  LPA Davies (Executive director)  JH Fourie
(Erxecutive director)  R Havenstein (Executive director)
S Montsi  TS Munday (Executive director)  JE Schrempp
(German)  CB Strauss
Consolidated balance sheet
at 25 June 2001
2000      2001                                        2001           2000
USD m     USD m                                       R m            R m
 2,714     3,483    Property, plant and equipment      27,925         18,798
    84       134    Intangible assets                   1,071            590
    19        14    Township land and residential         110            125
    20     (65)     Goodwill                           (523)             141
    39       105    Investments                           845            265
   105       101    Long-term loans and debtors           811            725
 2,981     3,772    Non-current assets                 30,239         20,644
   532       899    Inventories                         7,210          3,686
   697     1,260    Trade and other receivables        10,109          4,829
    73       296    Cash and cash equivalents           2,370            506
 1,302     2,455    Current assets                     19,689          9,021
 4,283     6,227    Total assets                       49,928         29,665
                    EQUITY AND LIABILITIES
 2,560     2,772    Total shareholders' equity         22,217         17,715
    15        13    Minority interest                     107            106
    63       620    Long-term liabilities               4,970            445
   364       531    Long-term provisions                4,249          2,526
   501       584    Deferred taxation                   4,689          3,477
   928     1,735    Non-current liabilities            13,908          6,448
   152       434    Short-term loans                    3,479          1,056
     1        73    Short-term provisions                 592              4
   170       275    Taxation payable                    2,206          1,176
   457       925    Trade and other payables            7,419          3,160
   780     1,707    Current liabilities                13,696          5,396
 4,283     6,227    Total equity and liabilities       49,928         29,665
   442       449    Net worth per share (cents)*        3,596          3,060
 579.0     617.9    Number of ordinary shares in        617.9          579.0
                issue (million)*
   355       531    Capital expenditure for year        4,095          2,171
   647       519    Capital expenditure authorised      4,165          4,485
                  * After share buyback programme
Consolidated income statement
for the year ended 25 June 2001
2000        2001                                         2001        2000
USD m       USD m                                        R m         R m
  4,101       5,399       Sales                                        25,762
 (2,791)     (3,363)      Cost of sales                               (17,534)
  1,310       2,036       Gross profit                                  8,228
 (308)       (627)        Selling and administrative                  (1,936)
                      expenditure                   (4,796)
  1,002       1,409       Operating profit                              6,292
     31          31       Non-trading income                              198
 (61)        (66)         Finance costs                   (509)       (387)
    972       1,374       Net income before taxation                    6,103
 (318)       (454)        Taxation                                    (1,994)
    654         920       Income after taxation                         4,109
      1           1       Income from associates                            6
 (3)         (4)          Minority interest               (27)        (19)
    652         917       Earnings attributable to                      4,096
                      shareholders                  7,025
  660.8       627.3       Weighted average number of                    660.8
                      shares (million)              627.3
                          Earnings per share (cents)
     99         146         - attributable earnings                       620
                      basis                         1,120
    106         161         - headline earnings basis                     666
                          Dividends per share (cents)
     14          18         - final (prior year)                           86
     12          17         - interim (current year)                       83
     18          22         - final (current year)*                       137
                       *  Declared subsequent to 25
                      June 2001 and has been
                      presented for information
                      purposes only.  No provision
                      regarding this final
                      dividend has been
                          Average rate                                 6.2815
                          Final div prior                              6.1425
                          Interim div                                  6.6953
                          Final div current                            7.6575
Statement of changes in equity
for the year ended 25 June 2001
2000        2001                                          2001        2000
USD m       USD m                                         R m         R m
                        Share capital
  1,405       1,408     Balance at beginning of year        1,559       1,543
      3           6     Issued during year                     43          16
      -         355     Conversion of debentures            1,028           -
  1,408       1,769     Balance at end of year              2,630       1,559
    355           -     Convertible debentures                  -       1,028
                        Accumulated profit
      1         483     Balance at beginning of year        3,018           9
    652         917     Earnings attributable to            7,025       4,096
 (160)       (211)      Dividends paid                     (1,655)
 (85)        (103)        - final (prior year)             (785)       (521)
 (75)        (108)        - interim (current year)         (870)       (504)
 (10)             -     Net debenture interest                  -      (62)
      -         517     Transfer from other reserves          772           -
    483       1,706     Balance at end of year              9,160       3,018
                        Translation reserve
 (1,711)     (2,060)    Balance at beginning of year          142          74
 (349)       (354)      Movement for year                     208          68
 (2,060)     (2,414)    Balance at end of year                350         142
    355         355     General reserve                       340         340
    162         162     Equalisation reserve                  432         432
    517         517                                           772         772
      -       (517)     Transfer to accumulated profit      (772)           -
    517           -     Balance at end of year                  -         772
                        Share buyback programme
      -      (205)      Balance at beginning of year       (1,290)          -
 (205)       (146)      Repurchased during year            (1,119)
 (205)       (351)      Balance at end of year             (2,409)
    498         710     Total shareholders' equity          9,731       5,229
  1,408       1,769     Share capital                       2,630       1,559
    355           -     Convertible debentures                  -       1,028
    483       1,706     Accumulated profit                  9,160       3,018
 (2,060)     (2,414)    Translation reserve                   350         142
    355           -     General reserve                         -         340
    162           -     Equalisation reserve                    -         432
 (205)       (351)      Share buyback programme            (2,409)
    498         710     Total shareholders' equity          9,731       5,229
Consolidated cash flow statement
for the year ended 25 June 2001
2000       2001                                              2001            20
USD m      USD m                                             R m             R
 1,398       1,889      Cash flow from operations            14,508          8,
    32          32      Investment income                    253             20
 (167)      (70)        Increase in working capital          (426)           (1
 1,263       1,851      Cash generated by operating          14,335          7,
 (61)       (66)        Finance costs paid                   (509)           (3
 (216)      (397)       Taxation paid                        (2,972)         (1
   986       1,388      Cash available from operating        10,854          6,
 (173)      (211)       Dividends and debenture              (1,655)         (1
                    interest paid
   813       1,177      Cash retained from operating         9,199
 (303)      (477)       Acquisition of property, plant       (3,657)         (1
                    and equipment
 (52)       (54)        Acquisition of intangible            (438)           (3
    10          15      Long-term assets sold                112             72
 (408)      (1,041)     Acquisition of businesses            (8,350)         (2
    13          19      Cash acquired on acquisition of      154             89
 (1)        (67)        Increase in investments              (532)           (2
    13      (9)         Increase in long-term loans and      (25)            83
 (728)      (1,614)     Cash utilised in investing           (12,736)        (4
    85      (437)       (Increase)/decrease in funding       (3,537)         46
     3           6      Share capital issued                 43              16
 (205)      (146)       Share buyback programme              (1,119)         (1
 (1)        (4)         Distributed to minority              (27)            (1
 (3)                    Increase/(decrease) in long-         4,097           (2
         515         term liabilities
    80         302      Increase in short-term loans         2,379           54
 (126)         673      Cash effect of financing             5,373           (7
 (41)          236      Increase/(decrease) in cash and      1,836           (3
                    cash equivalents
                        Cash and cash equivalents
    73         296        - at end of year                   2,370           50
    19          13        - arising on translation           (28)            -
 (133)      (73)          - at beginning of year             (506)           (8
 (41)          236      Increase/(decrease) in cash and      1,836            (
                    cash equivalents
                                Adoption of International Accounting
The Group adopted International Accounting Standards (IAS) for the
first time during the current financial year.  The financial statements
have been prepared and presented as if they had always been prepared in
accordance with the standards and interpretations effective for the
year of first time application.
The aggregate effect of the changes in accounting policies on the
annual financial statements for the year ended 25 June 2000 is as
 USD m
                                                                        R m
                       Earnings attributable to shareholders
 647                   Prior year accounting policy                      4,065
 (3)                   Business combinations                            (17)
 (10)                  Rehabilitation                                   (61)
 (2)                   Provisions and renewal                           (14)
 (4)                   Post-retirement medical provision                (22)
 14                    Post-employment benefits - pension asset         85
  -                    Unrealised profit on futures hedging             1
 10                    Secondary taxation on companies (net)            58
  5                                                                     30
  -                     Effect on minority interest                      1
 652                   International Accounting Standards               4,096
                       Opening balance of accumulated profit
 2,103                 Prior year accounting policy                     12,735
     5                 Business combinations                                30
 (143)                 Rehabilitation                                   (865)
    29                 Provisions and renewal                              173
   (74)                Post-retirement medical provision                (449)
     47                Post-employment benefits - pension asset            287
     1                 Unrealised profit on futures hedging                  6
    94                  Dividends declared in prior years and               569
                      secondary taxation on companies thereon
 (41)                                                                   (249)
     1                 Effect on minority interest                           9
 2,063                 International Accounting Standards               12,495

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