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Cycle Trends, is a unique software package based on cycles and technical analysis. The program identifies powerful opportunities for investment and trading because of its ability to forecast tops, bottoms and trend reversals. This applies to the different components of the financial markets, including equities, indexes, bonds, futures, commodities, currencies, funds etc.

The Magic of Cycles
Just as one can predict the future in natural events such as the seasons, bird migrations, the tides, moon cycles and human activity (hormonal cycles), it has been proved that there are stock market and business cycles. Many economists, such as Kondratief (the 54-year cycle), became famous for finding specific cycles in business activity.

The Cycle Trends Approach
The Cycle Trends program differs from traditional wave and Cycle Theories (e.g. Elliot Wave and Gann) because it does not begin with a pre-existing framework into which the data must be squeezed, but rather it begins with the raw data and searches for whatever cycles are actually there.

Using modern statistical techniques such as Fourier transforms, trigonometric regression and array analysis, the program searches for cycles within the data stream, of the stock or financial instrument under analysis, establishing their strength and reliability as a predictive tool.

The mathematics are scary but the results are impressive. On average 20 cycles are isolated and then combined and projected into the future. The program is able to compute the large cycles that forecasts major tops and lows, and the smaller cycles that call the corrections that take place with the major trend.

Indicators are divided into cycle and standard indicators.

Cycle indicators include:

  • Trigonometric and Array cycles, giving analysts the option of using two cycle techniques.

  • Trendic - a cycle indicator to confirm changes in trend.

  • An overbought/oversold indicator also based on cycles, which has proved exceptionally useful in pointing out stocks that have fallen too far and are showing value.

Standard indicators include:
  • Moving Averages.

  • RSI.

  • Stochastics

  • Relative Strength.

  • Onbalance Volume - combined with an oscillator to point to break outs in price before they occur.

  • Trend Lines - showing supports and resistance levels.

Special Program Features
  • A cycle scan that highlights stocks and other financial instruments at the top and bottom of cycles.

  • Own List - a feature that allows the analyst a set portfolio of shares, moving from stock to stock by using the arrow keys. Set indicators are maintained.

  • Analysts will be able to put in an intraday price and so not have to wait for an end of day price.

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