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What are your rates?

Rates can be found on our Products & Services menu.
I get a Bad Http Error when downloading

Pilot or the Download program gives a Bad Http error if your ISP uses a forced proxy server. This can be fixed by switching the proxy server settings in Pilot or the Downloader on and giving the details of your ISPs proxy server.
I downloaded Pilot Lite and when I try to draw a graph it is blank

The database distributed with Pilot Lite is not current data and may be out of range of the default date settings. You can either specify a longer date range or if you are on a free trial you can download recent data and update it.
I have lost my password, what should I do?

Fill in the free trial registration again. It will then tell you that your email address is already registered and ask you if you wish to have your password emailed to you again. If you are still stuck please call or email Sharenet.
I am trying to use your download files with SuperCharts and it does not work

Supercharts is a USA based program and is only pre-programmed to work with USA based download services. In order to work with Sharenet you need to order our ASCII update system and database which comes with 10 years of data. There is an extra charge for this database.
When I try to download I receive a message that file "lha.exe" is missing

lha.exe is installed into the directory where Pilot is installed. However it sometimes also wants it to be in the same directory where the data files end up. This is normaly c:\snet unless you specified something else. You can copy it from the Pilot program directory or click here to download it and save it to c:\snet
Your site is slow

This comment on its own does not help us solve the problem. We use very fast servers and speed problems are seldom caused by our servers. In addition these servers are hosted directly on the major internet providers backbones.

Speed problems can sometimes be caused if you have a small amount of RAM in your PC and request a page with lots of data in tables, such as when looking at your portfolio. In this event we suggest splitting up your portfolio into smaller lists until you can upgrade the amount of memory (not hard disk space) in your PC.

Problems can also be caused by using an ISP that had bad connectivity. The best thing to do is give us more information including: time of day, ISP dialing into and in what town, what you were trying to do on our site.

It would also assist us if you could go to DOS and type: tracert www.sharenet.co.za >c:\trace.txt then attached the c:\trace.txt file to your email.
Your pages are not up-to-date

This is often caused by your browser or ISP caching pages and not actually requesting them from us.
Click here for further help on this issue.
I get "RASAPI32.DLL not found" when trying to download

Sharenet's download programs have built in services to invoke a dialup connection. When using them on an office LAN with Windows NT the RAS services need to be installed.

Go to Control Pannel ~ Network. Click the Services Tab. Click add, Click Remote Access Services. You may need the Windows NT CD that was used to install NT on your PC.
I am having a problem downloading closing data using Pilot behind a firewall

Pilot requires that you type in the NAME and port number of your firewall server. Your network administrator should be able to give these to you.

If a NAME is not available and you only have an IP address then edit your \windows\hosts (or in NT your \winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) file and add an entry with the IP address, a space and then the word proxy. Then specify the word proxy as the NAME of the proxy server in Pilot.

Send e-mail to for any enquiries or see Contact Details for phone numbers
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