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Top 5 Views Posts In April

Our most popular posts this month are predominantly share focused, with two authored by full-time trader, investor and researcher Dwaine van Vuuren. While you may already know that dividend-paying shares tend to outperform the market, Dwaine looks at a supercharged list of consistent dividend growers listed on the JSE, in his article taking the number one spot. Third most popular in April is Dwaine’s article featuring 34 Top-100 shares in a bear market on the JSE, which means they are currently down more than 20% and may very well represent some excellent trading opportunities.

Back on our list this month is Stephan Maritz’s post about the 5 Biggest Trading Mistakes that investors make. Being aware of the pitfalls is half the battle won, so why not use his article for a little self-assessment?

Sharenet’s technical analyst, Moxima Gama looks at the patterns present in Naspers Ltd’s share price chart for clues on potential future movements. Moxima points out that NPN is currently testing a significant support trend-line from December last year, and may just bounce there before staging a recovery.

The media may have gone a bit quiet on the Western Cape drought, but Alan Cameron’s post puts it firmly back on the agenda with a look at the broader water situation in SA. He digs deeper into systemic problems in the water sector and what this could mean for economic growth in the next few years. Could Cape Town’s Day Zero campaign be an early warning for the national economy? 

Read more to find out…

#1: JSE’s Best Dividend Payers


Summary: Why local investors should favour companies with a consistent history of increasing dividends.

Key quote: “Since [1927], a portfolio of dividend paying stocks out-performed the portfolio of non-dividend paying stocks by a factor of over 3.3 times, which translates into a 1.48% total return advantage each year.” 

#2: 5 Biggest Trading Mistakes


Summary: Some of the most common mistakes made by traders – and how to avoid them.

Key quote: “Choose a strategy, stay consistent and diligent when implementing it, and assess the results. If it doesn’t turn out to be profitable, move onto another one – it may take some trial and error (stay patient) but eventually you will find one that works for you.”

#3: These Shares Are In A Bear Market


Summary: A list of the TOP-100 shares by market capitalisation that are in technical bear markets. 

Key quote: “There are no doubt some serious bargains among this list, but many shares are down for good reasons (e.g. Steinhoff). If the TOP40 makes a hard bounce off oversold levels, many of these counters will magnify the move of the index which could provide some good trading opportunities.”

#4: Naspers Ltd: We Expect The Correction To Continue


Summary: Naspers Ltd is forming falling tops in its major bull trend.

Key quote: “Currently testing a significant support trend-line dated back to December 2016, NPN may bounce there and recover towards 361,500cps.”

#5: Dry, The Beloved Country


Summary: SA has allocated almost all of its water, and so new water sources will need to be found to maintain even a modest level of economic growth.

Key quote: “…through making water more expensive to use through tiered pricing, new building codes, increasing waste water treatment, using more groundwater in agriculture and, importantly, by moving away from coal-fired power plants, the country can bring its water sector back into balance.”




Natalie Mayer

Natalie Mayer is an independent writer and editor with 12 years’ experience. She has a B.Com in Economics (UCT) and a Master’s in Sustainable Development (University of Stellenbosch) and has worked for a number of high-profile clients, such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Nedbank, the Sustainability Institute, Counterpoint Asset Management, Pearson Education, and of course, Sharenet – to name a few. Natalie has written and edited research papers, textbooks, print and online articles, and website content on a vast array of topics, including finance and money matters, education, property, social and environmental issues. She is passionate about communication that meets the needs of the audience, and her particular strength is to bring clarity to text.

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