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Top 5 Views Posts In March

Our top posts for March included two from earlier this year, which have remained popular amongst our readers. These posts are The 2018 Budget Speech Summary and the Top 5 Stock Picks For 2018. It’s not too late to see what you missed in either piece – the information is most certainly still useful!

New to our list this month is Stephan Maritz’s latest offering, the 5 Biggest Trading Mistakes. It’s a helpful collection of points for any trader or investor to use for a little self-assessment. Being aware of the pitfalls is half the battle won…

Then Dwaine van Vuuren is back with another popular post, The Ramaphosa Bull Market, in which he discusses how the net purchases of JSE equities and government bonds by foreigners has turned positive on a rolling annual basis – which means that we’re about to enjoy a new JSE bull market.

Finally, Moxima Gama zooms in on the Brait SE share (BAT), noticing that since it breached the resistance trend-line of its long term bear trend, a positive breakout could soon be confirmed if certain conditions are met. Read her article for more…

#1: 5 Biggest Trading Mistakes


Summary: Some of the most common mistakes made by traders – and how to avoid them.

Key quote: “Choose a strategy, stay consistent and diligent when implementing it, and assess the results. If it doesn’t turn out to be profitable, move onto another one – it may take some trial and error (stay patient) but eventually you will find one that works for you.”

#2: The 2018 Budget Speech Summary


Summary: The salient points we took from the 2018 budget speech.

Key quote: “This coming fiscal year alone, government has allocated over R200 billion for peace and security and another R200 billion for economic development to build a safer country and to grow our economy inclusively. The largest reallocation of resources towards government’s priorities was on higher education and training, amounting to additional funding of R57 billion over the medium term.”

#3: The Ramaphosa Bull Market


Summary:  Net purchases of JSE equities and SA government bonds by foreigners are signalling a new JSE bull market.

Key quote: “I have no doubt that SA is going to receive a flood of inflows over ensuing months – provided Ramaphosa can continue acting on corruption, appointing competent, honest people into government positions and getting the necessary policies in place to pick our economy up off the floor. It could be the mother of all JSE bull markets because 2018 has already been hailed the year of emerging market inflows by the major international brokerage houses.”

#4: Brait SE: Potential Recovery


Summary:  Brait SE has breached the resistance trend-line of its long-term bear trend.

Key quote: “If support is retained at 3,410cps, and the 3-week RSI remains bullish, a positive breakout would be confirmed above 4,500cps – a move that could advance the share price to 5,785cps at first.”

#5: Top 5 Stock Picks For 2018


Summary: Stephan Maritz’s choice of five shares expected to outperform this year.

Key quote: “What I looked for is a combination of shares that are trading at a significant discount to their NAV (or target price) or that I believe will outperform their sector peers, and are in sectors that I believe will perform well in 2018.”




Natalie Mayer

Natalie Mayer is an independent writer and editor with 12 years’ experience. She has a B.Com in Economics (UCT) and a Master’s in Sustainable Development (University of Stellenbosch) and has worked for a number of high-profile clients, such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Nedbank, the Sustainability Institute, Counterpoint Asset Management, Pearson Education, and of course, Sharenet – to name a few. Natalie has written and edited research papers, textbooks, print and online articles, and website content on a vast array of topics, including finance and money matters, education, property, social and environmental issues. She is passionate about communication that meets the needs of the audience, and her particular strength is to bring clarity to text.

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