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Huge Telecom In a David-And-Goliath Battle With Telkom


There is a lot of excitement in the Huge Telecom camp as it takes aim at the Telkom blunderbuss.

A week ago, Huge Telecom finally found itself in the enviable position of being able to port geographic telephone numbers for use with wireless GSM networks. This has never been done before and is a world first for a local telecommunications player. This suddenly presents Huge Telecom with a new and significantly expanded market – a vast market that previously was the exclusive domain of the Telkom monopoly.

The company’s recent innovation, which is far more of a commercial innovation than it is a technology innovation, enables it to offer telephony services to businesses and residential home users, thereby allowing it to compete head-on with Telkom. The service is immediately available and offers customers so much more value than a traditional fixed landline. 

Huge Telecom’s wireless GSM telephony service is a fast, simple and easy to install solution – one that is “plug, play and walk away”. It is a solution built on first-tier mobile network infrastructure and does not require a data connection. There is no risk of cable theft. It is a solution that is inherently mobile and capable of quick and easy relocation. So, no more cable theft or weeks of waiting for a Telkom technician.

The first customer to enjoy the benefits of Huge Telecom’s vision for full-suite telephony is Specsavers’ brand-new branch in the new Cornubia Mall in KZN. Rajesh Lazarus, a Senior Technician at Huge Telecom’s Durban office was responsible for connecting Specsavers’ new switchboard to Huge Telecom’s wireless full-suite telephony service.

While the future looks very exciting for Huge, they realise that they need to do a massive roll-out of their service to what is effectively a huge untapped market. A key differentiator of the Huge Telecom business model is its reach: Huge Telecom has approximately 650 resellers – which Huge Telecom calls Business Partners – located nationwide, and you can only imagine how desperate they are to move in on the Telkom market. 

Huge Telecom is not afraid to admit that its top Business Partners take the lion’s share of the spoils, but the genius behind this strategy means that the customer always receives top-notch service. And it seems that Huge Telecom might create more jobs than the government.


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Trade HUG From 0.3%

In the last five years, Huge has seen considerable share price growth, while the calibre of its management has been significantly enhanced. From four years ago, when the share price was 47c, some constructive results have been delivered and the vast growth potential has brought the market price to over the R9 level.


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