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Soon To Be Listed: 4Sight Holdings Ltd

4Sight Holdings Ltd. is an investment holding company that is soon to be listed on the JSE Altx, which specialises in data-driven companies. The company is looking to raise at least R300 million through its IPO in October. The company is on the search for like-minded entrepreneurs and companies in the “pure data” space. There are no limitations in what industries they invest in, as long as it’s driven by smart data applications.

We are moving into a data-driven world, and people are calling it the 4th industrial revolution. Earlier the year I wrote an article on data, explaining how big technology companies are using data that they gather from customers to disrupt established industries. 4Sight is an investment holding company that will be actively looking for data-driven companies to invest in. The biggest technology companies – and even nations – are racing to achieve artificial intelligence and machine learning that will provide endless possibilities to optimise and fully automise industries.

A good example of these types of companies is Digitata, the most recent acquisition by 4Sight. Digitata implements smart algorithms to determine efficient pricing strategies for telecom companies around the world. The company’s “intelligent pricing” model uses data to improve pricing strategies that benefit its telecom customers by increasing margins, as well as benefit clients by cutting the costs of services while improving their user experience. The company currently reaches 64 million clients worldwide on a daily basis. Digitata is based in Mauritius and is currently the bulk of 4Sight’s income.

The CEO of 4Sight, Professor Antonie van Rensburg, is quite the academic and visionary in intelligent business processes and industrial engineering. He did his PhD at the University of Pretoria in Industrial Engineering, specialising in moving physical data to digital. He has a passion for business analytics and start-ups, and has been involved in 30 start-ups in his life.

4Sight already has an algorithm portfolio that can be implemented in existing businesses and future ventures across industries. At the moment it is used in the telecoms space, but it can also be easily implemented in retail.

Salient dates for IPO


Purpose of the offer

The company is looking to raise up to R300 million through its listing, of which R52 million will go to the Digitata purchase. The listing will provide access to funding, increased exposure to markets and credibility, and will be a way of attracting new talent and opportunities. The company is looking to offer 120 million shares at a price range of between R1.80 to R2.20 per offer share. The company has a few acquisitions in the pipeline for this year that need to be funded.



Daniel Nel
Analyst and Securities Trader 

Daniel is a full-time analyst and securities trader, and is responsible for equities research across industries. Although he grew up in a small town in the Klein Karoo, Daniel has always been interested in both locally and internationally traded companies. Daniel has been actively investing and trading on the JSE and other global exchanges since starting his Bcom Investments Degree at the University of Stellenbosch, which he completed in 2014. During his studies, Daniel worked as an intern at Kruger International in Johannesburg in 2015, gaining valuable experience from Hein and Mia Kruger. He is currently a CFA candidate.

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