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The Sharenet Group Is Evolving

New Look. Same Company.

The Sharenet Group is expanding and evolving, bringing new investment products online and improving its technology infrastructure. 

As part of the Sharenet Group’s evolution we are rebranding. The trusted Sharenet name will stay the same, but we are introducing an exciting new look and feel, to more accurately represent our interactive relationship with our clients and the integration of our new investment products and services. 

The rebrand also sees a change in management. Sharenet’s founder and long-term CEO, Anthony Walker, takes on the role as Chief Technology Officer and Director in the newly-branded company. We are also proud to announce JC Louw as the new Group CEO. 

“I’m excited by our new launch, I’ve been in boutique services almost all my life, 18 years to be exact, where Sharenet has been in mass production of financial service information. We are combining the two of a solid track record. This new evolution not only gives our clients access to new products and solutions, we can help Sharenet focus more on the service and delivery.” – JC Louw, Group CEO 

We’re evolving 

In a world that feels like it’s lurching from one news broadcast to the next it’s reassuring to know that despite all the market uncertainty there are still some things you can count on – like the innovation, reliability and personal touch of Sharenet’s products and services. 

“Our vision is to use our deep understanding of technology and financial services to offer services and products that businesses want and people need,” JC explains. 

The business environment in South Africa and the global economy is changing rapidly, but the DNA that makes us who we are; that will stay the same. Our commitment to offering easy-to-understand, real-time financial data and news, as well as world-class trading tools and platforms to help our clients grow their wealth remains our priority, nearly 30 years on. It’s this intricate blend of technology and personnel that enables us to help you make the most of trading and investing opportunities. 

Our future success will be created over time by the quality of people we employ and how we keep an ’always innovating’ culture in our business,” JC notes

New products and services 

Sharenet is a forward-looking, proactive organisation. We listen to our clients and anticipate their needs, which is why we’ll shortly be introducing new financial services to our growing customer base. These will be offered under the banner of Sharenet Wealth, our wealth management arm, as well as Sharenet Investments, which will house our investment products. 

Visitors to Sharenet.co.za will notice the updated brand filtering through on the site. It will also become evident in our correspondence and external communications. 

No one can argue that we don’t live in interesting times, and whereas others may see challenges we always look for the opportunities, both for Sharenet and for our valued customers, new and old.

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