Sharenet Trading Hub Broker Comparison Table

Pro Trade
Anglorand BoE Tsec Imara SP Reid
Reports Morning & Monthly Morning & Monthly Morning Morning & Evening Morning & Monthly
Telephonic Advice or Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Research - - Yes Yes Comprehensive
daily research & tips
Minimum Investment R20000 R20000 R5000 - -
Brokerage on deal size**
R2000 R210 R210 R120 R150 R113
R5000 R210 R210 R120 R150 R155
R10000 R210 R210 R120 R150 R210
R25000 R210 R210 R187.50 R345 R327
R50000 R300 R375 R375 R670 R522
R100000 R600 R750 R750 R1170 R912
Account fees annualised total R4680 R500 R400 R600 R250
Account fees charged Monthly Annually Quarterly Monthly Quarterly
Sharenet Online Monthly Fee R48.33 R48.33 R48.33 R48.33 R48.33
Open An
Open An
Open An
Open An
Open An
* Additional reports and research are also provided as part of the Sharenet online trading service.
** These are examples calculated at the levels indicated, for ease of comparison, based on the full brokerage rate table for each broker

(Brokerage Fees exclude VAT, Account Fees include VAT)

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