PBT Group interim results September 2018

Total revenue from continuing operations for the period was R281 million (September 2017: R283.5 million) with profit before tax for continuing operations being R13.8 million (September 2017: R11.6 million). The total profit after tax for continuing operations was R7.2 million (September 2017: loss of R1.6 million). Earnings per share (EPS) for continuing operations was 0.22 cents per share (September 2017: loss of 0.33 cents per share) and headline earnings per share (HEPS) was 0.23 cents per share (September 2017: loss of 0.33 cents per share). The EPS and HEPS were calculated prior to the share consolidation and cancellation of treasury shares which occurred after the interim period.

Biannually, the directors consider the payment of a dividend, taking into account prevailing circumstances and future cash and capital requirements of the Group, in order to determine the appropriate dividend in respect of a particular financial reporting period. No dividend has been declared for the six months ended 30 September 2018 (30 September 2017: Rnil).

2018-12-07 15:40:02