New Frontier interim results February 2019

Rental income for the interim period decreased to GBP7.623 million (2018: GBP8.778 million), loss for the period from all operations came in at GBP11.003 million (2018: profit of GBP2.785 million), while headline earnings per share was GBP1 pence per share (2018: GBP1.8 pence per share).

The Board is not recommending the payment of a dividend.

Company prospects
The Company continues to actively manage its assets in a challenging retail environment. It is seeking ways of reducing the level of its debt and working with all stakeholders to protect the value of its assets and the business.

The UK economy continues to weaken as politicians try to find a solution to Brexit and until a long-term solution is found the retail sector is likely to continue to suffer.

2019-04-15 15:25:27