Naspers final results March 2019

Revenue from contracts with customers from continuing operations grew to USD3.291 billion (2018: USD2.985 billion) and operating loss narrowed to USD567 million (2018: loss of USD659 million). Profit for the year attributable to equity holders of the group lessened to USD6.901 billion (2018: USD11.358 billion). Furthermore, headline earnings per N ordinary share rose to USD860 cents per share (2018: USD387 cents per share).

Dividend number 90
The board recommends that the annual gross dividend be increased by 10% to 715 cents (2018: 650 cents) per listed N ordinary share and 143 cents (2018: 130 cents) per unlisted A ordinary share.

Company prospects
Our focus in the year ahead will remain on driving profitability in our established ecommerce segments, accelerating investment to scale food delivery, extending products and services in our core segments, and using our strong balance sheet to selectively invest in new opportunities. We will also improve the competitiveness of our platforms by continuing to invest in tech and product and reinforce our artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

We intend to complete the listing of our international ecommerce assets on Euronext Amsterdam in July 2019, creating a new opportunity for international technology investors to access our unique portfolio and reducing our weighting on the JSE - a step we believe will help us maximise shareholder value over time.

2019-06-21 15:12:34