Mediclinic final results March 2019

Revenue for the year was higher at GBP2.932 billion (GBP2.876 billion) whilst operating income came to GBP81 million (loss of GBP288 million). Loss attributable to equity holders narrowed to GBP151 million (loss of GBP492 million). In addition, headline earnings per share increased to GBP28.6 pence per share (GBP27.6 pence per share).

Dividend policy and proposed dividend
The Group's existing dividend policy is to target a pay-out ratio of between 25% and 30% of adjusted earnings. The Board may revise the policy at its discretion. Given the impact of IFRS 16 accounting changes, the Board deems it appropriate to adjust the future payout ratio to 25% to 35% of adjusted earnings.

The Board proposes a final dividend from retained earnings of 4.70 pence per ordinary share for the year ended 31 March 2019 for approval by the Company's shareholders at the annual general meeting on Wednesday, 24 July 2019. Together with the interim dividend of 3.20 pence per ordinary share for the six months ended 30 September 2018 (paid on 18 December 2018), the total proposed dividend for the year reflects a 29% distribution of adjusted Group earnings attributable to ordinary shareholders.

Shareholders on the South African register will be paid the South African rand cash equivalent of 86.24500 cents (68.99600 cents net of dividend withholding tax) per share. A dividend withholding tax of 20% will be applicable to all shareholders on the South African register who are not exempt therefrom. The South African rand cash equivalent has been calculated using the following exchange rate: GBP1: ZAR18.35, being the 5-day average ZAR/GBP exchange rate (Bloomberg) on Friday, 17 May 2019 at 3:00pm GMT.

Group outlook
The Group provides the following guidance for FY20 before the effect of adopting IFRS 16, which remains unchanged since the April 2019 Trading Update:
- Hirslanden: In FY20 Hirslanden expects modest revenue growth from an increase in average bed capacity for the year, reflecting the continued integration of Clinique des Grangettes. Under the current regulatory environment, Hirslanden will be impacted by a further nine months' comparative effect in FY20 from the national outmigration care programme that was implemented from 1 January 2019. The anticipated cost management and efficiency savings are likely to be more than offset by reductions in tariffs and the operational effects of outmigration, with the FY20 EBITDA margin expected to be around 15%. Over the medium-term, and assuming no further regulatory changes are implemented, the operating performance is expected to be supported by benefits from the Hirslanden 2020 strategic project and structural efficiencies being implemented in the division.

- Mediclinic Southern Africa: In FY20, Mediclinic Southern Africa expects volume growth of around 1% reflecting the additional capacity from the Intercare day case clinics that were consolidated from December 2018. In line with the Group's strategic objectives and a continued focus on improving clinical quality and patient experience, further investment will be made in employees and information communication technology during FY20. This, together with the expected lower margin contribution from Intercare and the ramp-up of the new Mediclinic Stellenbosch facility, is anticipated to result in an EBITDA margin of around 20%.

- Mediclinic Middle East: In FY20 the Middle East division is expected to deliver revenue growth of around 10% supported by the continued ramp-up of the new Mediclinic Parkview Hospital. A gradual improvement in the EBITDA margin is expected in FY20 to around 14% incorporating the ramp-up of the Mediclinic Parkview Hospital and investment in the hospital expansion and new cancer centre at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital, which is scheduled to open in the first half of calendar year 2020. The division continues to target an EBITDA margin of around 20%.

- The Group's capital expenditure budget, in constant currency, for FY20 is expected to decrease by 12% to GBP207m (FY19: GBP232m). This comprises GBP70m in Hirslanden (FY19: GBP72m), GBP71m in Mediclinic Southern Africa (FY19: GBP65m), GBP66m in Mediclinic Middle East (FY19: GBP94m) and GBPnil (FY19: GBP1m) in Corporate. The decrease largely results from the conclusion in FY19 of the major new Mediclinic Parkview Hospital project in the Middle East and continued focus on capital allocation in Switzerland to reflect the current regulatory environment. Average FY19 exchange rates used: CHF 1.30; ZAR 18.01; and AED 4.82.

The Group will adopt the new IFRS 16 accounting standard (addressing the definition of a lease, recognition and measurement of leases and establishes principles for reporting useful information to users of financial statements about the leasing activities of both lessees and lessors) from 1 April 2019 and comparatives will not be restated. The EBITDA margin guidance for FY20 under IFRS 16 is set out below, together with the indicative corresponding margin for FY19:
- Hirslanden: around 17% (FY19: 18.1%)
- Mediclinic Southern Africa: around 21% (FY19: 21.7%)
- Mediclinic Middle East: around 16.5% (FY19: 16.1%)

2019-05-23 09:06:39