Investec Ltd. final results March 2019

Net interest income for the year jumped to GBP815.4 million (GBP760.4 million) whilst operating profit was higher at GBP706.7 million (GBP643.5 million). Earnings attributable to shareholders shot up to GBP531.1 million (GBP505.5 million). In addition, headline earnings per share improved to GBP52.6 pence per share (GBP48.7 pence per share).

Ordinary share dividend announcement
Declaration of dividend number 127
Notice is hereby given that final dividend number 127, being a gross dividend of 251 cents (2018: 232 cents) per ordinary share has been recommended by the Board from income reserves in respect of the financial year ended 31 March 2019 payable to shareholders recorded in the shareholders' register of the company at the close of business on Friday, 26 July 2019.

Preference share dividend announcement
Non-redeemable non-cumulative non-participating preference shares ("preference shares")
Declaration of dividend number 29
Notice is hereby given that preference dividend number 29 has been declared by the Board from income reserves for the period 01 October 2018 to 31 March 2019 amounting to a gross preference dividend of 394.65612 cents per preference share payable to holders of the non-redeemable non- cumulative non-participating preference shares as recorded in the books of the company at the close of business on Friday, 07 June 2019.

Group outlook
The past year has seen a smooth leadership transition combined with a strategic review of the group. We are on track with the proposed demerger and separate listing of Investec Asset Management which should enhance the long-term prospects of both businesses. We are confident that we have positioned the businesses to ensure they meet their growth objectives and deliver long-term shareholder returns.

2019-05-16 09:33:58