CAPPREC final results March 2018

Revenue for the year jumped to R571.3 million (R80.2 million). Operating profit was recorded at R162.3 million (loss of R19.9 million), while total comprehensive income for the year was higher at R143 million (R39.2 million). Furthermore, headline earnings per share grew to 9.53cps (3.14cps).

The board has pleasure in announcing that a final dividend of 2 cents per ordinary share (gross) has been declared for the year ended 31 March 2018, making the Group's maiden annual dividend an amount of 4 cents per ordinary share

No-one can deny that new and innovative technologies continue to impact our daily lives and it seems that new tools, new system and software design, new communicative devices and other inventive applications, will continue to transform and impact today's traditional human and commercial behaviour. CAPPREC, with its inspired, creative and innovative executive teams, will continue to develop new and effective services, solutions, systems, products and applications, in association with our existing and future institutional clients, to meet the demands of their customers. This includes parties seeking efficient and affordable models for financial inclusion of persons previously unserved or ill-served. We are pleased that the differentiated capabilities of the Group's operating subsidiaries are being recognised by their principal clients. The organic growth potential is large and compelling, and while we expect continued growth in our underlying businesses, the sector also presents several interesting acquisition opportunities. These will also include opportunities for the expansion and technology transfer of our business models into new markets. There is more confidence in the economy at this time than that experienced in recent years, and the Board is cautiously confident in suggesting better times ahead.

2018-05-16 09:31:10