CAFCA interim results March 2019

Revenue for the interim period jumped to USD18.4 million (USD13.3 million) whilst operating profit shot up to USD3.5 million (USD2.5 million). Profit for the period rose to USD2.6 million (USD1.8 million).. Furthermore, headline earnings per share grew to USD7.7 cents per share (USD5.44 cents per share).

Notice is hereby given that the Board declared an interim dividend of ZWL6.13 cents per share for the year ended 31 September 2019 payable in respect of all the ordinary shares of the Company. This dividend will be payable in full to all Shareholders of the Company registered at the close of business on 31 May 2019.

Company outlook
The company is well placed to meet all the requirements of the local market and to continue meeting the requirements of our export customers.

The company is concerned that the shortage of foreign currency is going to lead to acute hyperinflation and the customers will not be able to either afford or finance purchases from CAFCA.

2019-05-16 14:43:01