AdaptIT - repurchase of shares

The board of directors of Adapt IT ("the Board") advised shareholders that Adapt IT (Pty) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Adapt IT, has cumulatively repurchased 13 344 222 Adapt IT ordinary shares, representing 8.31% of the Company's issued share capital as at the time that the general authority was granted by shareholders at the annual general meeting ("AGM") held on 23 November 2018.

On 7 February 2019, shareholders were advised that Adapt IT (Pty) Ltd. had cumulatively repurchased 4 836 650 Adapt IT ordinary shares. 8 026 607 Adapt IT ordinary shares were subsequently cancelled and delisted on 28 February 2019 ("Cancellation"). A further 8 507 572 Adapt IT ordinary shares were repurchased during the period between 7 February 2019 and 20 May 2019 ("Repurchase").

2019-07-15 17:48:53