Accentuate final results June 2018

Revenue for the year lowered to R294.9 million (R295.1 million) whilst operating loss before finance costs widened to R23.5 million (loss of R16 000). Loss for the period worsened to R22.2 million (loss of R1.2 million). Furthermore, headline loss per share came to 15.85cps (loss of 1.37cps).

The board deems it prudent not to declare a dividend.

Company outlook
Despite poor market indicators and conditions this environment creates opportunities, more so than Accentuate has seen in the past.

The dire water situation across the country with the Western Cape slowly recovering from a devastating drought as well as water restrictions in many other parts of the country, have served to underline the calamitous position the country will be in if something is not done quickly. In line with this Accentuate is a participant in the country's 'Water War Room'. This provides the group with a platform to assist in making recommendations to government.

The flooring division has benefited from the diversification that Pentafloor provided: for now the focus remains on the opportunities in the water and chemical blending segments to better balance the profitability of the group.

2018-10-12 17:52:29