OneLogix final results May 2012

Group revenue grew by 28% from R701.7 million to R895.3 million for then year. Operating profit increased 26% to R93.3 million. (2011: R74.1 million). Net attributable profit to equity holders jumped to R53.7 million (2011: R38.7 million). In addition, headline earnings per share rose 16% to 22.1cps (2011: 19cps).

The group declared a final dividend of 4.5cps (2011: 4.0cps).

The group has a proven mix of businesses, each well positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities in their respective market segments even given the difficult trading conditions expected to prevail in the medium term. OneLogix also has a healthy cash reserve available for appropriate earnings-enhancing acquisitions in line with the business model.

2012-08-27 08:24:48