Intu - mailing of shareholder circular

Intu confirmed that it had posted to shareholders a circular convening a general meeting of the Company, to be held on 18 December 2015, at which shareholders will be asked to consider and authorise a specific property lease under the related party requirements of section 190 of the Companies Act 2006. A copy of the shareholder circular, and related information for shareholders regarding the general meeting, have also been made available via the CompanyĂs website at

The proposed lease is not considered material in the context of the groupĂs operations, and shareholder authorisation is being sought by virtue of the value of the lease exceeding the de minimis threshold of GBP100 000 for related party transactions under s.190 of the Companies Act 2006, and the lease counterparty being the existing tenant, Clydeport Operations Ltd. (˘Clydeport÷). Clydeport is a member of the Peel Ports Group, which forms part of the Peel Group. John Whittaker, Deputy Chairman and Non-Executive Director of the Company, is also Chairman of the Peel Group which, through associated companies, is also the CompanyĂs largest beneficial shareholder.

A copy of the shareholder circular has also been forwarded to the National Storage Mechanism and will shortly be available for inspection at

2015-11-25 12:35:04