Global final results Novemebr 2017

Revenue for the year increased to R197.9 million (R197.1 million) and gross profit increased to R56.7 million (R51.3 million). In addition,profit attributable to equity holders came in at R7 million (loss of R619 911). Furthermore, headline earnings per share rose to 6.1cps (0.4cps).

The Company did not declare a dividend for the year ended 30 November 2017 (2016: R Nil).

The Global Group will continue to establish its renewable energy businesses. Following the commissioning of the second waste tyre recycling plant, the main focus will be on the construction and commissioning of the commercial waste plastic recycling facility. The Board believes that the Group has excellent prospects to significantly expand its operations over the near term. With a renewed worldwide focus on recycling, the management of waste streams, and rising energy prices, Global is well placed to exploit attractive opportunities on an international basis. This prospects statement has not been review or audited by the Company∆s auditors.

2018-03-20 17:28:52