Emira - availability of the issuer interim results

Bondholders are advised that the interim results (˘the interims÷) of the Issuer for the period ended 31 December 2017 are available for inspection at the IssuerĂs registered office. The interims of the Issuer have also been made available on their website at http://emira.co.za/results- presentations/. Further to the above, bondholders are hereby advised of the following restatement(s) to previously published interim reporting period, being 31 December 2016, and year end reporting period, 30 June 2017 (˘the Reporting Periods÷).

The Issuer has changed its presentation of foreign gains and losses arising on investments on the face of the statement of comprehensive income. The foreign exchange gains and losses arising on investments relate to EmiraĂs investment in Growthpoint Australia Limited (˘GOZ÷) in totality. In the Reporting Periods, the foreign exchange gains and losses on the revaluation of GOZ were disclosed as part of the line: ˘Unrealised gain/(loss) on fair valuation of the listed property investment÷. The statement of comprehensive income has now been adjusted to separately show these foreign exchange gains and losses on the line: ˘Foreign exchange loss÷. The restatement has no impact on the previously reported dividend per share, earnings per share, headline earnings per share or diluted headline earnings per share. The reason for the restatement is to enhance the disclosure of EmiraĂs exposure to foreign currency movements.

2018-02-14 11:49:18