Brait final results March 2012

Brait changed its reporting currency from Us dollars to euros. Investment gains for the year increased more than eight-fold to EUR251 million (EUR28 million). Net attributable profit soared to EUR255 million (EUR18 million). In addition, headline earnings more than tripled to EUR53cps (EUR16cps).

The board of directors has proposed a final dividend distribution of 20.59 cents or EUR2.13 cents (equivalent to 1% of Brait's NAV per share at 31 March 2012), for the financial year ended 31 March 2012. The dividend will be by way of a bonus share issue of new, fully paid, ordinary Brait shares with a par value of EUR0.22 each ("new shares") in proportion to shareholders' shareholding in Brait, payable to shareholders recorded in the register on the Friday 10 August 2012 (the "bonus share issue").

Shareholders will be entitled, in respect of all or part of their shareholding as of the record date (10 August 2012), to elect to receive a cash dividend of 20.59 cents or EUR2.13 cents per ordinary share (the "cash dividend alternative") held in lieu of all or part of the bonus share issue to which they would have been entitled, which will be paid only to those shareholders whose election forms to receive the cash dividend alternative, in respect of all or part of their shareholding are received by the transfer secretaries on or before 12:00 pm on Friday, 10 August 2012.

The directors believe that this has been a momentous year for Brait capped by the strong financial results. The group has successfully transitioned to the new business model and is well positioned for the future.

2012-06-06 09:01:10