Atleaf quarterly results November 2018

Rental income for the quarter increased to GBP6.1 million (2017: GBP5.7 million), profit for the period lowered to GBP2.3 million (2017: GBP4.3 million), while, while headline earnings per share dropped to GBP1.79 pence per share (2017: GBP2.56 pence per share).

Company outlook
We anticipate that the results for the year ending 28 February 2019 will be slightly ahead of the prior year. The reletting of Haydock and Brecon will benefit the results in the 2020 financial year.

The redomicile of the Company to Jersey and conversion to a UK REIT are planned to coincide with the commencement of the financial year on 1 March 2019. Both the redomicile and conversion to a REIT are subject to final regulatory approvals and an announcement will be made to shareholders once the date has been confirmed.

2019-01-11 17:47:08