Atleaf quarterly results November 2017

Revenue for the quarter increased to GBP6.0 million (2016: GBP5.3 million). Profit after taxation grew to GBP4.3 million (2016: GBP3.7 million). Furthermore, headline earnings per share came to GBP2.56 pence per share (2016: GBP2.66 pence per share).

Company prospects
The Company remains on track to achieve its forecast full year distribution of GBP9.1 pence per share, which would represent an increase of 7.1% over the prior year. This forecast is based on the Company's current portfolio, and no material change in market conditions. This forecast has not been reviewed by the Company's external auditors.

The UK commercial property sector remains very active. The strong forward property yield of 7.3% on the Company's portfolio is underpinned by quality commercial and industrial properties in excellent regional locations throughout the United Kingdom.

2018-01-11 17:03:00