Alaris final results June 2018

Revenue from continuing operations was recorded at R187.1 million (2017: R159.4 million). Gross profit increased to R133.5 million (2017: R115.3 million). Profit from continuing operations rose to R33 million (2017: R23 million). Furthermore, headline earnings per share from continuing operations increased to 28.35 cents per share (2017: 14.94 cents per share).

The Group remains optimistic about prospects for the period ahead. By diversifying into different territories and entering new market segments, the management teamĘs key objective is profitable organic growth for both Alaris Antennas and COJOT. Both companies are strongly focused on research and development and hold exploitable patented technologies that can be monetized into the future. Cross-selling opportunities and joint development projects have taken place in the past year. Processes are in place to capitalize further on synergies between Alaris Antennas and COJOT. With their combined skill-set, sharing of ideas and pursuing cutting-edge technologies, customers will receive the benefits of an expanded product portfolio with more competitive features and excellent customer service.

The US administration has for the first time in a few years, voted for and approved an increased defense budget to the amount of USD716 billion for 2019. This reflects an increase of USD82 billion from 2017. The sales team has managed to unlock opportunities with new and existing customers in this market providing an opportunity for the Group to deliver against its client centric model into the future. International expansion is an important part of the GroupĘs global strategy and management will remain on the lookout for further opportunities to increase the global footprint. We are pleased with the progress made with the acquisition in the US and the aim is to conclude the conditions precedent as stipulated in the signed agreement in the first quarter of this new financial year.

2018-09-11 10:04:34