Frequently Asked Questions

What does this service offer?

  • Live JSE prices and indicies from anywhere without the hassle of a contract. Simply send an SMS to 34019 with the share code or codes you are interested in and we'll send you back the live price or prices. You can send up to five share codes at one time, and you still only pay R2.00!

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Who are you guys?

  • Share mobile is a product of Sharenet. We’ve been providing share prices to South Africans since 1987.


Can I use this service while I am out of the country?

  • No, unfortunately premium rate SMS services are only accessible from within South Africa.


Must my SMS be in capital letters?

  • No, it doesn’t matter whether you type in capitals or lower case.


What if the market is closed?

  • We will send you the price as at the last close of market.


What if I mistype a share code?

  • We will do our best to guess what code you are looking for based on your request. Please be careful though: you will be charged a non-refundable R2 for each message you send our service by your network.


How does charging work for price alerts?

  • You are only charged for the SMS you send to request the alert. You are not charged for the message we send if your alert price is reached.


When do alerts expire?

  • Alerts expire once either the high or low price you have set is reached and you have been notified.


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